Why are people so disapproving of someone wearing Makeup?

Why do people wear make-up? The psychology behind it

We all have heard of people who call out and pass judgements on those who love to wear makeup. And in that judgement, there generally remains a sense of disapproval and negativity for the people who wear makeup. Where everyone has their standard of beauty for the people out there, there has been a great deal of negativity that comes when they see beauty coming in with the application of makeup. Well, we wonder why is it so?

Well, of the many tangents to this argument, the two broad tangents can be the association of makeup with women only. Makeup is predominantly considered as something only women choose to wear. Men who wear make up always remain on the radar of criticism. And with the women too, those who wear makeup are likely to face criticism. They often are called out as ‘attention seekers’, for not being a natural beauty and for reasons that have got nothing to do with beauty.


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To add more perspective to it, we spoke to Nimisha Gupta, a fashion model, someone who has been an advocate of styling and make up. Nimisha herself is someone who enjoys doing makeup and styling. So, here are her thoughts about why people are disapproving of makeup and what she thinks about the idea of wearing makeup and this is what she said –

“Well it can be a long discussion but I recently had a conversation with a friend who asked me if bloggers/ influencers suggest people to accept themselves for who they are how their body is, why do they do makeup? I personally think it’s a choice. You feel like doing it, do it! There might be some sort of insecurity I might be dealing with and I’m not yet comfortable with showing to the world. It takes time to accept your flaws and to resolve these kinds of issues. So some people do it to deal with their insecurity. While someone else must be doing it because they want to show their personality through their makeup (like in the case of clothing and stuff). Some might be doing it because you can’t deal with society unless it learns that it’s okay to not meet the beauty standards. For eg. You can’t go to your village and walk around in a bralette or a crop top. You’ll have to teach those people that it’s okay to wear this kind of outfits and that it doesn’t matter. You can’t force them to respect your decision or accept whatever you wish to do. You’ll have to bring the change and then wear certain kinds of clothes. Same goes with the makeup.”

We further asked her about, if it is okay to normalize wearing make up to which she added, ‘normalize wearing makeup and normalize not wearing makeup and instead of all the gossips, it would be better if people start respecting choices instead of passing judgements.” Hence, this discussion on who should wear makeup and why should one wear it, has no standard answer and should definitely not be subjective of the perspective with the world look at them.

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