Why are kids getting affected from ‘Blue Whale’ challenge game?

Here is all you need to understand

‘Blue Whale’ challenge game has raised terror in the minds of people. This game incites children to commit suicide. Children are committing suicide to win this game. The game took the life of a 14 year -old -child in Mumbai. A child, living in Andheri East jumped from 7th floor of a building. He is said to be affected of the online suicide game. Due to this game, 250 children have died across the globe. 130 are from Russia.

Blue Whale Challenge, The suicide Game

Mumbai boy commits suicide

14- year -old Manpreet of Mumbai was playing the Blue Whale game from a long time. Manpreet was at the last stage of the game and in order to win he was supposed to die. So, he jumped from the terrace of his home. Before killing himself, he clicked a selfie with a note saying- this will be my last photograph with you all soon.

This game targets those children who do not have many friends and those who rarely talk to their parents. Firstly, the profiles of these children are spied and then they are included in the game.

How the game is played?

Blue Whale challenge is an internet game developed in Russia. In this game, one is supposed to fulfill the tasks given by the group admin in 50 days.

After finishing every task, the player is asked for a slight cut on his hand. The image coming out at the last is somewhat like a whale.

The player is given a code every day. In this, the player is supposed to write F57 on is hand using a blade. After this he is supposed to click a picture of his hand and upload it.

The admin of the game talks to the player through Skype.

The person who commits suicide on the last day is declared as the winner.

Threatened on quitting the game

If a person has started playing the game, he is not allowed to quit the game in between. After the game is started, the admin hacks the phone of the player. He transfers all the personal details of the player. If the player tries to quit the game, the admin threatens the player. The player is threatened that he or his parents will be murdered if he quits the game in the end, the player is forced to commit suicide.

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