Whoa! Baby born with his mom’s contraceptive device

Unusual image of baby holding mother’s contraceptive device goes viral

Well, Internet is an unusual picture sharing platform. Bizarre things always went viral on Internet these days. Anything can create a chaos or fill with admiration! One such peculiar incident is breaking the Internet right now. A baby said to have been born carrying the same contraceptive device that her mother used to avoid pregnancy is taking the cyber space with a storm.


Can you believe it? But the picture is taking Internet by storm. Well, there are various contraceptive methods that can help women from not getting pregnant. While there are birth control pills and condoms, another pragmatic method happens to be the IUD (intrauterine device), which is said to be 99 per cent efficacious. The T-shaped device is fitted into the womb of a woman to avoid pregnancy, and it effectively blocks the sperm from reaching the egg. However, it does fail in only one per cent cases.

Miracles do exist

World is full of Miracles. In one such rare case, the device fell off but Texas-based mother Lucy Hellein decided to conceive the little one even though she got the device fitted four months prior to the pregnancy news. When the device could not be spotted in her ultrasound, her doctor assumed that “it had fallen out.” Lucy told media. She added that “I cannot imagine my life without Dexter definitely he was meant to be. His original due date was May 4 and even the doctor said ‘the force was strong with this one’. Although he wasn’t planned, my family and I feel incredibly blessed.”

 Representative Image
Representative Image

What’s more, a picture of her new-born son Dexter Tyler clutching the T-shaped device in his fist went viral with more than 60,000 shares just after being uploaded on the social media. Some news portals went on to say that the little one was born with it, but it seems to be a hoax. It turns out that a picture was clicked of him holding the device.

Well, whatever it is but image is creating storm in online world.

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