Who was Marshall McLuhan? Five things you need to know!

Google Doodle honors Marshall Mchulan

Its McLuhan’s 106th birth anniversary and Google has changed its doodle to honor him. Notably, Herbet Marshall Mc Luhan is famed for his most poignant predications of the 20th century. He had predicted the birth of internet 35 years before it happened.

Marshall McLuhan

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Who was McLuhan?

Marshall McLuhan was born in Canada in year 1911. He studied at the University of Manitoba and University of Cambridge before becoming a lecturer at the University of Toronto.

He got a lot of applause in 1960s for his work as a media theorist and for coining the term global village, which was a vision for internet age.

His Theories and Controversies

His theories met a lot of controversies in academic circles throughout 1970s and after his death in year 1980. Then in 1989, the internet was born, and he was looked upon with renewed interest.

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How did he predict the ‘Internet Age’?

McLuhan theory says, the human history can be divided into four areas : the acoustic age, the literary age , the print age and electronic age. He had outlined all this concepts in his book called The Gutenbery Galaxy, which was released when television was getting popular.

He had predicted that people will soon enter into fourth age that is- electronic age. He called it the global village. He said it would be an age where everyone would have access to same information through technology.

In his follow –up book, Understanding Media, he expanded the theory to show the method of communication rather than the information itself would come to be the most influential fact of the electronic age.

Thank you! McHulan for making such an interesting predication, the internet has completely changed our life.

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