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Indo-US ties to remain strong regardless of the US election results

Who is better for India – Donald Trump or Joe Biden


The bilateral relations between any two countries is never personal, it’s always in country’s interest. No country helps the other until it has its own interest on the radar. Once, the interest is lost, one country dumps another. Don’t believe us, ask Pakistan! The growth and dominance of China in the world market has brought India and the US closer. There is a great business and diplomatic interest between the two countries as their common trade enemy is China.

The election day in the United States is over and we are just days away to have the new President of the oldest democracy and the most powerful country in the world. Only time could tell which candidate- Donald Trump or Joe Biden will get the President tag before their name.

During the tenure of Donald Trump, India enjoyed a very good relationship with the US in the leadership of Narendra Modi. The camaraderie between the two right-wing aligned and nationalist politicians is not hidden. We have seen their chit-chat and compliments on each other in Houston and Ahmedabad. Actually, the bilateral relationship between the two countries has grown exponentially in the last two decades, especially in the last two decades.

Now, that the US is going to have a new President, many of you would be wondering how the relationship will develop if Joe Biden becomes the President. Will there be a drastic change or things could change a little bit?

Experts have time and again opined that no matter who becomes the new President of the United States, two countries are going to enjoy a good relationship. India wants the USA by its side to counter China’s aggressive stance at Ladakh border and increase trade with it. The United States needs India’s help to counter the growing presence of China in the Indo-Pacific region and the world trade.


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Which candidate is better for India?

While Donald Trump’s ideology suits India, it is also a hindrance when it comes to a trade deal and H1B visa issues.  Trump’s America First policy has been a big hindrance for India so far in tying a trade deal with the US. Trump has also been very outspoken on the Trade deficit with India. But with his aggressive stance against China, if elected again he would definitely be a good help for India.

Joe Biden on the other hand won’t want to bitter the friendship of India and the US which has increased in the last decade. He too would need India to counter China’s growing dominance in trade and technology across the state. He can even ease restrictions of H1B visas. The Democrat leader could also fast track the expected trade deal with India. However, Joe Biden’s colleague and his past competitor for the Presidential candidate for Democratic Party, Bernie Sanders had once criticized the move of India on Article 370.

Bilateral trade over the years

The bilateral trade has grown at a very impressive rate between India and the US. It has grown 7.5 times from 2000 till 2018. India-US trade was just $19 billion in 2000, which grew to more than $142 billion in 2018. The growth has been even more imposing in the last ten years with import and export growing more than 100 per cent between 2009 to 2019. This has happened despite the several governmental changes in both countries. India has had thee different Prime Ministers since 2000 and the USA also had three different Presidents in all these years.

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