Who is Aisha Sultana?

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Model and budding filmmaker Ayesha Sultana has been booked by the Kavaratti police for sedition and hate speech. The move was taken after the BJP’s Lakshadweep unit lodged a complaint against Sultana in connection with her remarks on the Center in a panel discussion on a Malayalam news channel. According to Abdul Khader, president of BJP’s Lakshadweep unit, Sultana, who has been booked for hate speech under IPC section 153 (b) and sedition under 124 (a), Sultana has given a statement that the centre of Lakshadweep Using COVID-19 as a “bio-weapon” on the people of the island group.

Why was the sedition case filed against her?

She has previously worked with Malayalam filmmaker Lal Jose and as an associate director in Uyare actor Asif Ali starrer Malayalam film Ketyolanu Ente Malakha. Sultana made her independent directorial debut in 2020 with her Malayalam-language film Flush, for which she also wrote the script. Ayesha had worked as an associate director in the Malayalam film Ketoyolanu Ente Malakha.

She has 1.1 million followers on Facebook. Sultana has been at the forefront of campaigns against new reforms and proposed legislation on the island, which is also being opposed by the general public. BJP’s Lakshadweep unit president Abdul Khader filed a petition against Sultana stating that in a debate on Malayalam news channel ‘Media One TV’ about the ongoing reforms in Lakshadweep, Sultana said that the centre of Lakshadweep Islands is using COVID-19 as a “bio-weapon” on the people of the island group.

To justify her comment, Sultana wrote on his Facebook account that she used the word “bio-weapon” because she felt that Patel and his policies worked in tandem and that it was through Patel and his party. was that COVID-19 spread on the island. Lakshadweep literary promoter Sangam backed Sultana, saying it was not fair to project her as anti-national and reacted against the “inhuman approach of the administrator”.

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What does her Facebook post say?

During a debate on a Malayalam television channel, Ayesha Sultana reportedly said, there was not a single case of covid-19 in Lakshadweep. But now 100 cases are coming every day. Whether the Center has run Bio Weapon. I can say this clearly that the central government has deployed it as a bio-weapon. In her Facebook post, Sultana said, ‘My Medina has taught me to stand by your motherland even if you are in a state of war.

I am saying this here because some people are showing me as a traitor, the reason is that I used the word Bio Weapon during a TV debate. Everyone knows that I used those words only for Praful Patel. An FIR has been registered. However, only the truth will win. The BJP leader who filed the complaint is from Lakshadweep. As he continues to betray his motherland, I will continue to fight for it.

Tomorrow the betrayers will be isolated. He wrote, ‘To the people of Lakshadweep: the sea protects you and you protect the ocean. There is fear in those who betray, but we do not. When I was weak, I did not raise my voice to be silent. My voice is going to get louder from now on.’

What did the Supreme Court say?

A bench of the Supreme Court headed by Justice DY Chandrachun said, “We are of the opinion that the scope of the parameters of Sections 124A, 153A and 505 of the Indian Penal Code needs to be interpreted, especially in the news and information of electronic and print media.” In terms of giving, even if they are in criticism of the ruling power in any part of the country. In the context of the case registered against Sultana, the last part of this Supreme Court’s comment is very important where the Supreme Court has said that ‘Even if it is in criticism of the ruling power in any part of the country. ”

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