Which Tarot Card Perfectly Suits Your Zodiac Sign?

What is the connection between Tarot card and Zodiac sign?

There are 78 cards available in a Tarot deck, and some of these cards define the energies of the 12 signs of Zodiac Sign in Astrology. Eventually, there is no connection between Tarot and the zodiac signs, but there is something that binds these two different things! The Tarot card connection with your zodiac sign will help you to understand your personality in a better way. This unique connection will make you understand your life’s goals lying ahead of you in this lifetime.

Tarot deck

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Here are the connection between the tarot cards and your respective zodiac sign:-


“The Emperor” card is the best match for this zodiac sign – Aries. This card represents the leadership qualities that can make you successful in your life. When the card is upside down while reading, it means that you have to make small changes with your mind, body, and soul. Apart from this, it represents the potential to achieve your goals over a period of time.


“Hierophant” card represents the energies of the Taurean. This card shows the spiritual transition from a student to teacher. It can make you learn about everything that you have chosen to do. They are advised to expand your education and horizons in your field that will not only make you an expert but also teach you something new every time.


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“The Lovers Card”, this card represents a true Gemini. This card particularly deals with the personal challenges a Gemini will face the love life. Gemini’s have to struggle with finding stability and this card helps to seek a balance in almost everything that they do. On the other hand, they need to consider their long-term goals before taking any decision.


“Chariot Card” is represented for the Cancerians. Since they have an incredible security, it controls their emotions steadily through the changes that come and go in their life. These changes will settle down eventually. Cancers have a knack for using their mental abilities to focus on their energies in life.


“The Strength Card” represents the Leo. It indicates the physical strength of the sign of Leo, but it also advises those with this sign that their personal strength will be tested time to time.


“The Hermit Card” represents this zodiac sign, Virgo. It indicates how exhausting the outer world can become for this zodiac. These guys are far more sensitive to the energy that has been surrounding them. They depend upon others for clarification. But they need to listen to their inner wisdom to get the best results.


“The Justice Card” represents this zodiac sign. This card indicates on how Liberian must learn to deal with the situations and people who are unfair in life. They have to spend their lives in a harmony with their own decisions.


“The Death Card” represents Scorpio zodiac sign. This card represents the process of death, which defines the transformation into a new era of life. Sometimes they need to keep letting go of their fears and unnecessary people from their lives.

Tarot deck

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“The Temperance card” represents this zodiac sign; it defines the struggles that Sagittarians go through in their lives. This card advises the person to find some common ground by balancing the facts with their better judgments.


“The Devil card” represents this zodiac sign. These guys are supposed to face their own shadow, self and reflect on their own negativity. Sometimes they need to come to the terms with their own toxicity that has been holding them down. They need to let go all the negativity from their lives and life fully along with enjoyment.


“The Star Card” represents the Aquarius sign. This card shows the intuition and practicality. It also reminds the person that they are a class apart from the crowd and they must shine in their own light when darkness engulfs.


“The Moon Card” represents the sign of the Pisces. It is associated with dreams, idealism and the sub consciousness. This card represents the psychic visions that this zodiac person receives when he is in a deeply relaxed dream-state of their mind. These guys are supposed to listen to the energies of their bodies.

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