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Where There Is Pride, There Is A Feeling of Insult! – BK Shivani

Why is pride our biggest enemy?

As rightly quoted by BK Shivani, Pride is the root cause of almost all human life problems today. We all strive hard to achieve something we can be proud of. We work to develop skills and traits that make us superior to others.

These characteristics also bring with them a weight of ego. You think and treat people differently when you assume you have something that they lack.

In one of her sessions, sister Shivani explained this concept of pride very beautifully with an example. She asked the people to imagine they are visiting a big hospital. As you enter the hospital, you’ll meet the gatekeeper who will greet you. As you move further, you’d meet the hospital receptionist, and you would greet each other.

Now, finally, you meet the founder of the hospital. You’ll greet him too. Now, did you greet all the same people in the same way?

The answer would be, “No.” It is because we as humans connect with people according to our pride. We prefer treating people according to their level in front of us. Our pride is too robust, that we decide according to it how we’ll treat others.

It is what pride does to us. We live in a world which we have created in our heads, where we think we are better than others. It creates a sense of insecurity. For example, if someone says something offensive to us, instead of letting it go in the moment, we feel insulted.

Insult is a feeling which is experienced only by the people who take pride in themselves. If you treat yourself and everyone around you equally, you will not get offended by what someone says.

How pride can destroy a marriage?

Many people believe pride and ego to be the same. There is, however, a fine line between the two. However, both these attributes can equally destroy a relationship as strong as a marriage. Our pride keeps us in denial of accepting our mistakes. We find it hard to admit our mistakes, even to our husband or wife.

People with pride will always look for ways of blaming others. Most people become vulnerable and arrogant because of pride. They turn happy marriages into toxic ones.

Some common issues created by pride in marriages include:

  • Our pride gets too much into our heads that we do not ask for help from our partners. In fact, people are ready to ask for help from strangers, but not their partners. Requesting and respecting each other when needed is crucial for marriages.

  • We often start taking things in marriage for granted. People too proud of themselves never appreciate the efforts of their partner. It somehow starts affecting the other person as he or she starts feeling worthless.

  • Your partner will never admit that they were wrong. One of the most critical aspects of pride ruining marriages is the refusal to accept mistakes.

  • Pride makes us selfish and arrogant. We feel no need to fulfill our partner’s expectations or needs.

If you think your relationship or you are going through the same conditions, it’s high time for you to come out of your pride and change your attitude towards your partner if you want your marriage to sustain.

How pride destroys a person?

Pride is the biggest threat to humans. It is something which once acquired in the head is too hard to leave. People who are proud enough to think nothing or no one can beat them experience the biggest downfall.

Gopal Gaur Das has beautifully explained why pride is our biggest enemy with the example of the great Titanic. When the Titanic was launched, it had the pride that nothing can ever affect the ship. It was called the ship that even God could not sink. We all, however, know what happened with the giant ship and the people in it.

Even if you achieved greater heights in life, it is still essential you remain humble and kind to others. You never know when times will change. Do not take pride in your biggest enemy.

How to be more down to earth?

To not have pride in what one has, is to be humble enough to not take things for granted or with attitude. A person who is down to earth will never get affected by what the outside world or the other people think of him. Such people feel content and grateful for everything they have, instead of being arrogant and proud.

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If you want to give up your pride to be more down to earth, you need to check yourself and introspect. Always try to be more polite and kind towards anyone around you.

How to be more humble?

If you truly wish to be humble and more empathetic towards others around you, then follow these easy steps towards your transformation journey.

  1. Introspect: The first thing to be humbler is to be aware of yourself. Pride shows you your accomplishments. The more you feel you’ve achieved a lot, the more your perception of what you deserve changes. Introspect and remove such thoughts as soon as they pop-up in your head.

  2. Listen More: Often, it is seen in people with pride that they find it very hard to listen to others. They feel they are the only one who has enough knowledge and so they should rather talk than listen to others.

  3. Be open-minded: If you want to be more down to earth, then you need to treat everyone with the same respect. You should be open to new challenges and opportunities. You’ll get better ideas, more confidence, and ideal results.


People with pride soon start feeling that there’s nothing above them but often tend to forget that there’s one supreme power that governs each human, and that is God. It has never been seen that a person with pride has never had his own set of troubles. Be humble and kind to each soul, from your wife to employees, to servants and guards.

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