When your lady love is a ‘Bossy Boot’: How to deal with her?

“All is fair in love and war”

Well you love her a lot and every time you meet her, she sets your soul on fire because she is an expert in it. Her talking style, dressing style, in fact every move she make drives you crazy.


She drives you crazy

Charisma of her personality keeps you glued to her and you don’t even watch any other girl but what if she doesn’t allow you to do so? Does she want to win every argument? Is he not able to adjust with your friends?

Then dude you are caught up with a bossy girlfriend. Though her bossiness cannot change your feelings for her but can annoy you a bit.

So here are the tips to deal with your ‘Boss’, who drives you crazy!

  • If you feel irritated feel free to communicate her because then only she would understand, what’s going in your brain
  • Let her feel the magic of love, who doesn’t fall for a strong man. Be strong enough to deal with her negativity
  • kiandka

    Be a strong man to deal with her negativity

  • Switch on the jealousy button, spend time with your friends and this really works
  • Do not forget to make love, when she in mood. This would ofcourse melt her heart
  • just_jane_bossy_girlfriend

    When she in mood

  • If you truly love compromise but don’t give the ground
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