When your friend becomes your lover: Do things change?

What happens when you fall for your friend?

Love and friendship are the two most amazing feelings in the world. What if you find love in a friendship?  It is a beautiful feeling, isn’t?  But what happens when these two feelings clash with each other? Many say that a guy and a girl can never be ‘only friends’ But that cannot be taken as the ultimate truth. Many people do stay the best buddies their entire life. At the same, time in many cases, if childhood friends happen to be of the opposite gender, then they finally end up falling for each other. Let us take a look at the pros and cons of falling in love with your childhood friend. But always keep in your mind – love is all that matters at the end.

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1.Lose Friendship- If you want to romance your friend and both of you happen to love each other, then that’s all fine. But what if the romantic feeling is one-sided? You may then simply end up in losing the friendship of your childhood friend. They happen to trust you as their best buddy. And when this trust is broken they get disheartened and end up ruining a long-term friendship.

2. Best Relationship Ever- But the brighter side of the coin is when both of you fall in love with each other. There can be no better relationship in the world than this. You always want your life partner to be your best friend. Then what else can be better than marrying your childhood best friend? There are no pretensions and undue expectations set for each other in such cases. You are well aware of each other’s instincts and can romance your childhood friend in the best possible way.

3.Nothing New
– Among a few demerits of loving a friend, one is that there will be nothing new to explore about each other. But on the other hand, when you are meeting up with someone new there is always something to discover about that person. Also after some time, you may begin to lose interest in your childhood friend as a love and life partner. There will be no mystery to unfold about each other.


So, when you grow up with a person as a child you get to know all their likes and dislikes. What they like to eat, what are their career preferences etc, are all well known to you. And same is the case with your friend. You even know each other’s family. This makes it very easy for both of you to adjust to each other’s family after marriage. So if you want to propose your friend, keep these things in mind.

Reasons why you should often marry your childhood buddy!

You know him/her since he/she was in the nursery. You have played, studied, bunked classes and done all sorts of mischievous things together. You know what food he/she likes the most, as often your lunch box was stolen by him/her. You also are his/her confident of all those secrets which made him/her laugh, cry or emotional.

You lived a life with him/her as both of you grew up together, but took different paths only to pursue higher education in college and ended up in different cities for work. Now, you are ready to get hitched?  And, destiny is giving you a chance to be partners, this time for life. Before you rule it out, here we give you reasons why you should marry your school friend.

1.Handling marriage is not easy, but it becomes easier when your partner knows how to fill in the weaknesses.

2.The course of accommodating your partner’s preferences is much stress-free as you have done it before also.

3.You do not have to dress to impress all the times.

4.Life becomes fun when the man and the woman had been playmates.

5.You can find a great confidence in him/her and those secrets are safe with him/her.

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