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  • In the 1st CRPF appoints 2 women officers as IGS
  • 106-year-olds voted in every election Since 1951
  • When Adhaar Card Aids to find Ghar!
  • Inspiring! Where There is a will, there is a Way: Woman Chauffeur drives cab along the daughter  

Our hearts start rejoicing when we see people stepping out from home with flying colors. Today’s Khush Khabri includes the story of such people who are surprising, Inspiring, and motivating us in the right way. Don’t Miss the Good news.

Good news: In the 1st CRPF appoints 2 women officers as IGS

Deployment of women in higher ranks gained momentum as the CRPF appointed 2 women officers as Inspectors General (IG) for the 1st time after their induction into the force began in 1987.

Annie Abraham is now the IG of the Rapid Action Force (RAF), the specialized anti-riots unit whereas Seema Dhundia is appointed as Bihar sector IG. These officers joined the paramilitary force in 1987 as the 1st batch of women officers.

They have also commanded an all-women contingent of Indian police at the United Nations.

Khush Khabri: 106-year-old voted in every election Since 1951


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At his residence in the Kinnaur district, 106-year-old Shyam Saran Negi exercised his right to vote for the 34th time in the Himachal Pradesh Assembly elections on November 2, 2022. For the first time, he voted by postal ballot.

Negi, born in 1917, voted for the first time in 1951 in the general elections of India and sixteen times in the Lok Sabha elections.

Since 1951, Master Shyam Saran, also known as Master Saran, has voted in every election. Negi said that every citizen should vote to strengthen democracy.

Good news: When Adhaar Card Aids to find Ghar!

An Aadhaar Card database helped reunite a 23-year-old tribal girl with her family in Jharkhand after she was reported missing 5 years ago. An agent promised Rashmani, the daughter of a Jharkhand daily wager, a job in Delhi in 2017.

Due to her family’s economic hardship, they agreed. However, Rashmani sensed trouble after boarding the train with the agent and escaped to Fatehpur.

Railway police rescued her and took her to a shelter home where she was named Rashi. After several failed attempts to reach her native place, the police sent her to an Allahabad women’s shelter.

Arti Singh, superintendent of Women Shelter Home in Lucknow, said that In July 2022, she was brought to Lucknow for rehabilitation. Police applied for her Aadhaar card, and it was rejected. On the sixth attempt, it showed a duplicate. After that, the original address was traced. Finally, Rashmani was taken to Jharkhand and reunited with her family.

Inspiring! Where There is a will, there is a Way: Woman Chauffer drives cab along daughter  

Rahul Sasi, a Bangalore-based user, is receiving attention from netizens for all the right reasons

When he booked a cab, he least expected to be greeted by a working mother and her sleeping daughter. Surprised by his Uber driver’s efforts, he took her permission to post her story on his LinkedIn profile and take it to many worldwide.

Nandini, accompanied by her daughter, drives around for the e-commerce platform.

When Nandini wasn’t driving Uber, she was an aspiring entrepreneur who started a food truck in Bangalore. To make up for her lost savings, she was forced to take on different jobs after the pandemic struck. She worked about 12 hours a day, determined to rebuild everything from scratch despite the hardships.

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