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5 times when we did something very cruel, blamed Anushka for Virat’s failure

When would we stop blaming Anushka Sharma for her husband’s mistake?

A huge controversy broke in the match between Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Kings Eleven Punjab (KXIP) where RCB suffered a huge loss on Thursday. Commentator Sunil Gavaskar, while discussing the rustiness of Virat Kohli, with Aakash Chopra, said something which set fire on the Internet. Kohli endured one of his most disappointing outings, both with the bat and in the field during the match. He was not able to grab two catches of KL Rahul and hence came criticism. During the course of the match, Gavaskar said “ Inhone Lockdown mein to bas Anushka ki gendon ki practice ki hai,” while discussing how Kohli didn’t get many opportunities to practice during the lockdown.

The clip of this video went viral as some ill-translated and misquoted comments were shared by netizens on social media that carved out a different meaning altogether. Anushka Sharma stood up for herself and posted a strong Instagram story and called Gavaskar’s statement “distasteful.”

Women in our society have always been a target for male chauvinists. The society demands explanations, asks for unfair expectation and blames them for the failures of men. The talented and intelligent Anushka Sharma has always been a target, whenever his husband and current Indian captain, Virat Kohli has failed to perform.

Now, there are a few questions which need to be answered. Why Ritika is not blamed when Rohit Sharma fails or why Sakshi is not blamed when Dhoni fails? Is Anushka paying a price of being a talented and successful actress who married the love of her life? Of course, blaming the women for their husband’s failure is disgusting and silly and no woman should go through this. Have you seen people blaming Virat Kohli, if Anushka Sharma’s movie failed at the box-office? No!

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Here are some other instances when Anushka Sharma was blamed for Virat’s failure.

2. Last year, former Indian cricketer Farokh Engineer while criticizing the selection panel for their job in the World Cup said that he had seen members of the selection committee fetching tea for Anushka Sharma.

3. In the semi-final of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, Virat Kohli failed to score runs and India lost the match to Australia. Anushka Sharma, who was present at that time to cheer the team and Virat Kohli, was subjected to many offensive and sexist comments.

4. In 2018, Anushka Sharma was targeted for her supposed involvement in Virat’s game after repeated defeats of RCB in that season.

5. During the 2016 T20 World Cup, people made fun of Anushka Sharma, saying a million things, like – Virat is scoring runs because of the breakup with Anushka. Things were so bad that Virat Kohli had to put up a post against those who disrespected her then-girlfriend.

Lastly, just want to add that Anushka Sharma has nothing to do with Virat’s failure at the Cricket ground. We request everyone who is reading this to stop blaming women for their husband’s faults.

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