When Should I Take My Child to a Child Psychologist?

Growing up, a child often needs to change their perspective of things and to learn new skills to cope with the changing times 

Kids are moody by default. The growing age begins a series of emotional development issues which are normally common among children of certain age groups. You may find your child having mood swings, problems with friends and even slacking in academics. Although these are fairly mundane issues when it comes to children, these often hide the signs of severe underlying emotional and behavioural problems some times. 

Hence, it is important to consult expert child psychologists at Cadabam’s in Bengaluru in case you notice disturbing and abnormal behaviour in your child. This article goes over a few common questions you should ask yourself.

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When Should a Child See a Psychologist?

A certain level of anxiety and social or peer pressure has become common nowadays among children and is all part of their growth. These are small bumps compared to the serious mental and behavioural problems that some children exhibit from a fairly young age. 

Growing up, your child often needs to change their perspective of things and to learn new skills to cope with the changing times. Most of the times, the support, sensitivity and patience from the parents can help the child to cope with the changes. It is important to listen, understand and validate your child’s experiences at this stage. It helps to encourage children in this stage with motivational words and expressing your support for them in their times of confusion. 

However, when the child’s behaviour and thoughts become noticeably abnormal, it is then that a child needs to see a psychologist. 

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What Is the Most Common Childhood Behavioral Disorder?

There are several distinct circumstances and reasons that constitute some of the most common childhood behavioural disorders, such as:

  1. Social reasons – At times, a child faces problems that are related to family life, relationships, academic performance and leisure activities and with their friends.
  2. Loss of confidence – The child starts feeling discouraged and demoralized about them, often with a noticeable decrease in confidence.
  3. Anxiety – You may notice the child becoming increasingly anxious and worried about their future. 
  4. Depression – A child may also exhibit signs of extreme hopelessness in their lives. 
  5. Isolation – Some children tend to withdraw and isolate themselves from families and often avoid participating in activities with friends which they previously liked. 
  6. Abnormal sleeping and eating habits – At times, the child may exhibit a noticeable change in sleeping and eating habits. There could be loss of or excessive sleep and diet in such children. 
  7. Frequent negative behaviour – A child may also exhibit negative behaviour more frequently. 
  8. Violent thoughts – Many a time, the child may express thoughts of harming themselves or someone else. 
  9. Suicidal tendencies – Some times, children also display signs of feeling neglected and may comment on how they wish they were not there or even talk about running away because it won’t affect anyone. 

Why Should a Child Need a Psychologist?

If the child exhibits the above-mentioned signs and symptoms then they will need to see a psychologist. 

What Are the Signs of Behavioural Problems?

Some of the major behavioural problems seen in such children are:

  • Violent thoughts or actions
  • Suicidal thoughts or actions
  • Unsympathetic thoughts or comments 
  • Constant feeling of low self-confidence and lack of self-esteem

Who Can Help With Child Behaviour?

A child psychologist can help with child behaviour. Expert child psychologists, such as those at Cadabam’s in Bengaluru are specially trained to understand the psychological abnormalities in children and work out an effective treatment therapy to combat and cure these problems permanently. 

If you see any abnormal behaviour in your child, it is highly recommended to consult with the expert child psychologists at Cadabam’s Bengaluru now.

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