Whatsapp rolls out limit forward Message Feature: How will it help us?

Whatsapp rolls out limit forward Message feature to monitor ‘Fake News’

WhatsApp rolls out limit forward message feature has which will allow users to forward their messages up to 5 chats only. This step came in response to the soaring number of mob lynching across the country over fake news which is often spread via WhatsApp. Indeed, this won’t revive the victims’ lives but would avoid such situations ahead to an extent by hindering the instantaneous spread of any message, video or photo.


Why was it important?

When the Indian Government denounced WhatsApp over its failure in checking the fake and provocative content on its platform, the new feature was rolled out to monitor Fake News.  The limit has started to appear this week to people who are using the current version of WhatsApp.

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Whatsapp is also educating people to beware of hoaxes

WhatsApp has also published videos to spread awareness regarding fake content among its users and educating them on how to spot fake news and hoaxes. WhatsApp said the new changes would be helpful in keeping WhatsApp a private messaging app for which it had been designed. Another new feature which was being enrolled by the app earlier this year is to label all messages which are being forwarded to them.


Well, many experts believe that this is not enough to control the circulation of fake news. Indians send the most forwarded messages, photos, and videos as compared to other countries in the world. As India is the biggest market for Whatsapp with around 200 million users. Thus, it is quite obvious that people will forward messages if they find that important enough. As in the case of the message regarding the GPS chip in 2000 note. Secondly, it doesn’t help bring accountability for spreading fake content which provokes communal tensions.

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