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Not able to upload status more than 15 sec on WhatsApp? Here is why!

Reportedly, Indians are putting way too much Whatsapp video status during the lockdown

You tried uploading your video on Whatsapp status and failed to so. Millions are having the same question in their mind right now that why they are not able to upload some of their videos. Actually, Whatsapp status video in India now can no longer be uploaded if it is more than 15 seconds duration. The move is expected to be a temporary one and will last till the lockdown in country due to coronavirus. The earlier limit for Whatsapp status video was 30 seconds.

Indian is large country with almost 1.3 billion population. Most of them are locked in their houses and are working from home or consuming the internet for entertainment purposes. The lockdown has put a lot of pressure on Internet servers.

Several users complained about not being able to put 30-seconds video status. WABetaInfo, which usually puts information about the latest developments of WhatsApp on public domain has tweeted about the latest development. Check out the tweet here:

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Some users are still able to put Whatsapp video status up to 30 seconds

Some users are still able to upload videos of length up to 30 seconds. The restrictions will be rolled out soon for more users in the coming few days. WABetaInfo believes that the decision to put 15 seconds restriction may have come in the wake of receiving too many status updates from India.

Videos consume internet bandwidth that can be saved for more important tasks. Whatsapp isn’t the only platform to impose restrictions. Video streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Facebook and YouTube also had to cut down on the quality of video streams to save the internet lines as millions sitting homes are relying on the Internet for their entertainment and work due to lockdown in whole country.

Whatsapp status is meant to share text, audio, video, GIF updates to everyone who has saved your contact in their phone. This status automatically disappears after 24 hours. When you look at the move to impose restriction in the larger scheme of things – when people need internet to work properly for the critical work from home tasks, or when people watch movies or TV Shows to keep a check on their mental health, a 15-Second cut in Whatsapp video status update should not be a concern in these tough times. So, keep calm and spare some internet for others too.

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