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Save Lakshadweep Campaign: What’s happening in Lakshadweep in 5 points

What’s happening in Lakshadweep? The answer is ‘a lot’, Here are the 5 points summing what’s happening there

A chain of events has unfolded in Lakshadweep ever since the death of the former Administrator of Lakshadweep in December 2020. Ever since then, the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Praful Khoda Patel has taken charge as the new administrator in the island and Union territory, Lakshadweep. Ever since then, a lot has changed on the Island, and Praful Khoda Patel is facing backlash from the people and politicians on the island and of Kerela. Well, the people of Lakshadweep are protesting, and the ‘Save Lakshadweep’ campaign is trending. So, here’s a list of events that have happened and why are they protesting.


What’s happening in Lakshadweep in 5 points

1. Zero cases in 2020 to more than 6000 cases now

Lakshadweep reported its first Covid case on January 18. In just five months, the number of cases has risen to over 6,000, with over 24 fatalities reported today. Knowing that the island has a very less population, and already, 10% population has been infected by COVID makes the situation scarier. Knowing that the medical infrastructure is incompetent in Lakshadweep, and it has one of the highest COVID positive test positivity rates.

2. Prevention of Anti Social Activities Act, i.e. Gunda Act enacted

Lakshadweep has one of the lowest crime rates in the country yet, the Prevention of Anti-Social Activities Act (PASA) i.e. the Gunda Act, that permits the power to the government to detain any person without public disclosure for a period of up to one year. In the defence, Mr Khoda Patel has said to The Print that if they have not done anything wrong, they should not be afraid of this.

3. Beef ban likely to come: The Draft Lakshadweep Animal Preservation Regulation

As per this regulation, the slaughtering of animals will become difficult on the island and several penalties have been proposed for slaughtering animals. And while this law is in progress, schools have been prevented from serving non-vegetarian food adding to destroying sheds of fishermen. Considering the majority of the population on the island is Muslim, a beef ban can lead to severe problems.


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4. Panchayats’ powers have been taken over

“No individual shall be or continue to be a member of a Gram Panchayat who… has more than two children,” the draught regulation states. It has raised worries among citizens regarding their capacity to vote in elections if they do not meet this condition. Panchayats’ powers are gradually being curtailed and with no elected representatives on the island, the democracy has come to a risk.

5. The Lakshadweep Development Authority Regulation 2021 (LDAR)

This  Lakshadweep Development Authority Regulation 2021 (LDAR) is another key issue. It allows the administration to relocate islanders for town planning or other developmental activity. The citizens can be asked to leave the property, movable/ immovable for developmental reasons and that’s pretty much everything. People who have specific concerns about this will disturb the richness of the island.

And amid this all, people are showing their dissent with the ‘Save Lakshadweep Campaign’

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