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The Men Made World: What will happen to earth without humans?

What would happen if every human suddenly disappears?

Roughly 13.7 billion years ago when the universe was born and 4.5 billion years ago when the Earth formed having nothing out of nothing but just a cloud of gases. The very first single-celled microorganism, the very first life happened 4 billion years ago just a few million years later after Earth formed, and about 7 million years ago our ancestors arrived to make this world a “better place”.
Surprisingly, the world had everything one needed but no one manipulated the resources until modern humans arrived. There was no smartness and ability in any living being to use their brains in a way we did. We invented the ways to use nature’s goods for our own use to make us more advanced and earth more “secure”.
The formation of life on earth has always been an exciting topic for scientists and biologists though it is less complicated to solve than the apocalypse. However, we are trying to solve the question, How will the earth come to its end? This question still carries controversies but we have a more certain question to answer.

What would happen if every human suddenly disappears?

What would the earth be without humans might be impossible to answer but what would happen if we disappear is likely certain?

In a TED-Ed video, they tried to unravel this situation, where the earth seemed backfiring. A deep and horrible scene was shown by graphics, showing the world with ‘no human beings’.

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So, what would really happen if all of us suddenly disappeared from the Earth? Probably there would be no one to maintain any man-made things, all the oil refineries will start malfunctioning, all the underground tunnels will be flooded within a couple of days by abandoned drainage pumps, within a week all the emergency generators will shut down and when the fire will go out of  the earth, the earth would go dark for the first time in centuries. Within 20 years, sidewalks would be torn apart by weeds and tree roots. Flooded tunnels erode the streets above into urban rivers, many cities would be under the water. Without us, many animals, especially dogs, pigs, cats wouldn’t be able to survive. And It may take up to 65,000 years beyond that for CO2 to return the pre-human level.

What would happen to all the nuclear plants we have installed without no one taking care of them? All the fuel stations and electricity plants? What if they catch fire and explode or broken-down and release all the deadly poisonous gases killing all the habitants?

So, eventually, there would be no life on earth without humans as this world is made and run by us. However, humans were not there always nor we would be forever on earth, but it seems like we, the humans are running this mortal world.

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