What women should never do for men?

Strong and independent women never bow their heads, here are few things that women should never do for men

Love makes you do inexpressible things, especially if you are a woman. Women are the strongest yet the softest creation of God. They can sacrifice their world for the ones they love, be it family, friends or the love of their life. But sometimes, this tendency to sacrifice bites them back if not stayed cautious. Here are few things that women should never do for men.

Today’s independent and strong-willed women should certainly never give up somethings in life for which they have worked hard, even if it is for their men.

They need to take a stand for themselves. Yes, some irrelevant things could be compromised upon but certainly not the relevant ones.

Through varied past experiences from women, we have come to conclude few things that women should never give up, especially for their men:

  • Change your appearance
    Women’s appearance defines their personality for which they work through years.If your man cannot appreciate your appearance, then they certainly don’t appreciate your relationship. They should love you for you, and all of you. If any of your physical attribute bothers him, he’s clearly not with you for the right reasons.
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  • Compromise your passions
    Most women have to work way harder to reach her goals alongside dealing with the obstacles created by the society in their way to success than men. Amid achieving your life goal, your passion, if someone who should stand by your side and support you on your every step is the one for you to forgive them, then they certainly don’t deserve you. Just remember, it is your life and nobody else but you will regret leaving any dreams behind.
  • Wait for his approval
     If you are a strong, independent woman, you should learn to play by your own rules instead of sitting around for instructions by men.You should be self-confident enough to go forward with your own decisions. You certainly are grown enough to know what’s best for you.
  • Ditch Plans
    He is not the only person of relevance in your life. You do have a life which consists of your friends and family as well.They also need your time. If today you ditch your plans if others just to be with the ‘love of your life’, then tomorrow you will have no one when you need them.
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