What to Wear at Office?

What to Wear at Office?


Gone are the days when professionals never wore casuals at the workplace. Business apparels imply wearing conservative dresses in compliance with the company’s dress codes.


With the emergence of Silicon Valley concept by reputed dot-com companies, casual dresses have become the latest trend.


Different companies have different rules for dress codes and this increases chaos about the most suitable dress for office.



What to Wear at Office?



Most of the companies have their unique dress code are employees are asked to strictly abide by rules and regulations.


The rules of the company are instructed in a subtle way.


An important point to keep in mind is that the dressing sense influences other’s perception and creates an impression on other colleagues and boss. Therefore it is essential to follow dress codes at your workplace.


Guidelines for workplace clothes:


The office professionals should keep in mind that your dress should not be revealing your skin.


This is especially important for women and they should avoid exposing cleavage as it diverts others’ attention.  Such diversions send a wrong message and can land women professionals in trouble.


Stay away from wearing Stern Brazilian Beach Sandals, Havaianas and Peche Platinum. Although these slippers are branded and costly they are not suitable for your workplace.


You should wear proper and well creased clothes to your office and avoid wearing wrinkled, stained and dirty clothes.


Never go to your office wearing the same clothes you worn a day before.


Dress with visible underwear should also be avoided. Straps, bra, underwear, briefs, etc should never be worn in your office.


Avoid shorts in your office as they are too casuals to be worn in the office.


If you are confused in selecting the dress for your office, it is good to check the dresses of other employees.


Always keep in mind and wear comfortable fitting clothes and not the ill-fitting ones.