Missing on your snack break? Try these 5 easy recipes while working from home

Keep a check on your diet with these “Ghar ka khana”

As we all our compelled to work from home in the light of the coronavirus outbreak, we all are missing our office cafeterias and the time to time coffee breaks that office provided. But with so many affected by the government mandated, covid-19 restrictions, it’s important to find enjoyment in the little things.

Make the best of your isolation with these 5 recipes

1. Mac n Cheese

Pastas have always been our go to food. And we are sure you all our missing it! So, whenever you wish to pamper your taste bud prepare Mac n Cheese.

2. Fried rice

Since we are locked down for 21 days, it is important to cook and eat judiciously. Do not throw away the leftover rice at your place and add some spices to it and feed yourself delicious fried rice.

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3. Cookies

You might be missing your tea companion already! When your stock of biscuits are over, you can always go for cookies. For they are easy to prepare and satisfy your hunger pangs the best.

4. Chocolate cake

Chocolate is an all time mood lifter and you can not deny that. When your cravings for dessert increase, Chocolate cake comes to a rescue.

5. Dhokla

Dhokla is an all time favourite snacks. It’s healthy and can satisfy your taste bud at the same time. It takes less than 10 minutes to get prepare in the microwave.

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