What to do when your former flame wants a do-over in the love department?

Is second chance a ray of hope?  Things to consider before giving second chance to someone!

Modern love isn’t easy. There are so many equations that one has to solve today to get the perfect match. Today, love has become more practical and more calculative. Before getting into a relationship we look at all the possible options, isn’t?  Today, millennial are afraid of commitment because they think that a relationship can take away their freedom.  But that doesn’t mean we do not fall in love.   Of course, we do!  We definitely love the idea of loving someone, but we do it on our own terms and conditions. But as they say, “Terms and conditions don’t apply to love.”   And the idea of terms and conditions lead to more breakups and dissatisfaction among the young folk in this modern era.

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Despite all this, we dare to love because we are a generation of warriors, right?  Now, when you fall in love everything suddenly becomes beautiful. But as the relationship grows a lot of us feel discontent the reason can be different for different people.  Failures in love are common. You might decide to part your ways at some point in time, but what if that person comes back in your life and asks for a second chance?

Second chance in love is tricky: How to take right decision?

Giving second chance in a love relationship can be tricky. We all let go things in a love relationship on a regular basis. But after parting ways it can be bit difficult. There can be various reasons. The feelings might die; the fear of failure may cause the resistance, trust issues, and many more.  The tricky part is it all depends on your situation, relationship dynamics and a million other factors that are only unique to you.

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 Today, we will tell you few points that you should consider before giving a second chance to someone:

  • It should be definitely more than love: You should not stay with someone just because you love him or her. There are so many other factors such as trust and loyalty.
  • You should analysis your past experiences: If the offense or the reason was not serious enough to ruin your foundation, then you can take time and think about giving a shot to your partner.  But sometimes it is not easy.
    1. Finely observe his or her actions: Because his or her nice words can be meaningless. So if they are saying that they have changed, but if it is not visible in their actions you should not give the second chance.

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    2. You both are committed to make your relationship work: This is very important you both need to make your mind that you people want to stay together.


Love is not easy. It’s a four-letter word but it has a deep meaning and working on its dynamics needs a lot of hard work.  Before making any decision, you should analysis all the pros and cons, and should take a call from the heart.

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