What should be your Body Language at Workplace ?

Body language at workplace

Not only your communication skills matter but your body language too matters a lot when go at your workplace or when you hangout with your loved one. This is quite true that workplace is where we want to show competency, confidence and trustworthiness which can be shown in the body language we use. What should be your body language at Workplace?

 Correct body language at Workplace
Correct body language at Workplace

Here is the complete guide for a perfect body language

Face: Smiling is important when making connections with others and more so with bosses and colleagues. Always carry a smile on your face no matters if it is a fake one. But fake smile can be detected extremely easily so practicing a genuine smile will make you seem more approachable and trustworthy.
Point to be noted here that When you smile genuinely, you do not only raise the muscles at the corner of your mouth, but also the muscles of your cheeks and your eyebrows.

Eyes: Direct eye contact works a lot . Use frequent but direct eye contact – enough that you can notice the colour of their irises . Direct eye contact shows that you are confident enough. Looking into people’s eyes can be embarrassing . You can rotate your gaze to make eye contact more natural.

Be natural at Workplace
Be natural at Workplace

Gestures: Gestures matters a lot. The power pose (hands on hips) not only tricks your mind into feeling more confident but conveys confidence to others. Think about how you use your hands – create a firm handshake and when talking, animate your hands to convey passion and enthusiasm. Tight handshake works better in work settings. Sitting posture with crossed legs also shows level of confidence in you.

Voice: Having a higher pitch in your voice can be perceived by others as you being nervous and less powerful. Try to lower the pitch and speak slowly and clearly to convey control and confidence.

So, follow these body language guidance at your workplace in order to be a better employee.

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