What lies ahead of Chirag Paswan after the defeat in Bihar

Would BJP accommodate Chirag with his father’s ministry


When the seat negotiations in NDA was going on, Chirag Paswan could not agree on the number of seats, they were being provided. This made him go solo in the Bihar elections. He decided to contest on 137 seats, most of the non-BJP seats. However, after the result he could manage to win only 1 seat in 137 seats his party contested.

Going solo might have decreased his chance of becoming the kingmaker in the state, but the theory which was doing rounds that BJP has fielded LJP against JDU to weaken JDU seems to have worked. As per the results, LJP candidates directly impacted at least 25-30 seats in the Assembly elections. In many constituencies, the Lok Jan Shakti Party came on the second number and JDU candidates came on third.

LJP has fielded around 25 rebel candidates who didn’t get tickets from their respective party. This helped his party cut votes of JDU candidates at many places.

LJP taking pride in weakening the JDU, has made BJP a bigger party than the JDU for the first time in Bihar. The BJP won 74 seats, only one less than the mark which could made it the single largest party. Nitish Kumar facing heavy anti-incumbency could win only 43 seats. Now BJP would have more power in the coalition to control the important portfolios during the distribution of it.


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Future of Chirag Paswan

One day after the results were announced, Chirag Paswan held a press conference and said that the LJP did well. It came on second on many seats, while at some places they lost by only 2000, 3000 votes. He said that he got around 25 lakh votes, his vote percentage increased. This has set a platform for him to fight 2025 Bihar assembly elections with full force.

He also said that if Nitish Kumar becomes the CM of Bihar, he is not going to support the NDA in state but he will keep supporting the BJP’s led alliance at the centre.

Chirag’s father and founder of LJP, late Ram Vilas Paswan had helped Nitish Kumar in becoming CM by dislodging the 15-year-old regime of RJD in 2015. Although his party had won only 10 seats in the 204 seats they contested, it had played an important role in bringing down the RJD’s regime. Chirag adopted his father’s tactic, but against Nitish Kumar. In the process, Chirag might have costed the social identity, which his father had created over the years. He might have damaged the role of his party in the future of Bihar politics by not being the part of the government.

However, it remains to be seen if he is accommodated a ministry in the central cabinet on which his father was seated earlier. Amit Shah and JP Nadda have said in several interviews that the decision on giving a ministry to LJP would be decided in the internal meeting of NDA, looking at the damage LJP has created for them in the state.

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