What kind of guys get *Attracted* to you, Based on your Zodiac Sign

Find out why guys find you attractive?

Have you ever noticed your romantic partners and guys you have been attracted to? Did you ever notice, which type of guys you want to date? We all have some expectations, when it comes to our relationships but sometimes we fall for a wrong person. Today, we will tell you that what kind of guys you should date?



Arians have a strong personality and they like guys who can handle their fire without losing the spark of them. Arians like masculine type and strong type boys, but not the controlling one, that’s the reason their relationship doesn’t work out for a long time.


Taurus woman like being treated as a princess, so they get attracted to someone who can treat them welll..They like fairy things to happen in their relationship. If a guy doesn’t treat her like a queen, taurus women usually lose their interest. This becomes a big hinderance when it comes to being in a relationship.


Geminies tend to attract guy who has secrets. They take it as a challenge and they somehow find them attractive because they are having some secrets. But sometimes, it could be dangerous. May be he is hiding something that can ruin your relationship.


Cancerians are very caring and loving in nature and that’s the reason boys get attracted to them. Men, who need a mother figure in their life tend to get attracted to a cancerian woman. But sometimes this quality can become controlling, and can ruin your relationship.



Leos have everything that can attract the people around them. The way they present themselve can make anyone fall for them. But once they unfold their behaviour it can really irritiate you.


They tend to attract guys who are fixers. They like someone who can fix their problems like a pro.But this can sometime irriate your partner. So you should try to take some independent decisions for a healthy relation.


Librans are hard to resist and that’s the fact why all of the wrong guys love you. Anyone can fall for you. But your tantrums can make your relationship toxic.


They attract guys who let them dominate them . Guys know that their life won’t ever be boring when they are with a Scorpion. But the right guy won’t always agree whatever you do or say, he’ll be unafraid to tell you that you’re wrong and that’s exactly what you need. You need someone who can stand with you with the fierce and passionate as you.


They tend to attract guys who think they can tie you down. Sagittarius people crave someone who can make them laugh. Sagittarius is not only the funniest sign in the zodiac but they make incredible friends and partners as well.



All of the wrong guys love you because they think that when you say you want a marriage, family and home, then they think that you mean some time far off in the future, not soon. The wrong guys think you’re just trying to be ‘unattached’.


The people who are attracted to Aquarius usually gets obsessed with your smartness. But sometime due to incompatibility, the relationship doesn’t work.


They attract the wrong men because of their artistic and creative spirit. They know that Pisces are deep, old souls who live artistic lives filled with good food, art, and music. They are attracted to the idea of having a long-term relationship. But if they’re not creative or intelligent, they won’t interested.

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