What kind of a person you are as per your birth month?

Which is your birthday month?


Actually, these people love to chat and love those who love them. They love to take things at the centre. They are blessed with inner and physical beauty. They lie but don’t pretend and gets angry often. Their friends are important for them. They are born brave and fearless. They love to make new friends. They are sensitive and gets easily hurt. They are daydreamer, opinionated and unpredictable. They are extremely smart, but definitely the hottest and the sexiest one.

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They have abstract thoughts and loves real people in their surroundings. They are born clever and intelligent. They have changing and attractive personality. They are a real speed demon and have more than one best friend. They have quiet, shy and humble in nature but temperamental too. They are honest and loyal to their friends and family. They are passionate to reach their goals. They behave like a rebellion when they feel they are restricted. They are emotional and gets angry easily, but they hide it. They love making friends but rarely show it. They are daring, stubborn, ambitious and they believe in their dreams and hope to make them true. They are sharp minded and love entertainment and leisure. They are romantic on the inside but they don’t show it outside.

March Born People= GORGEOUS

These people have the most gorgeous and attractive personality. They are little secretive but affectionate. They are naturally honest, generous and sympathetic. They are literally a chatterbox and just love to talk a lot. They are an awesome and unbelievable kisser. They are very stubborn in the most way possible and get easily angry. Love to be the centre of attraction. They have a great fashion sense and always make good choices. They can love as much as possible but sometimes they can be a heart-breaker too. They love to hear compliments. They are kind and trustworthy people. They are the best in bed out of the other 11 months.


They are suave and compromising in their nature. They are funny and humorous. They are talkative but calm and cool. They are the kind hearted person and sympathetic too. They are loyal in nature and they have a very high confidence level. They always carry a positive attitude. They have an ability to cheer everyone up and or make laugh anyone. Even due to their positive energy they are able to motivate oneself and others.

Happy Birthday

MAY Born People= LOVER

They have dynamic and decisive personality. They have a strong mentality. They love to be the centre of attention. They are brave and fearless by their nature. They love adventure and love to travel and explore. Usually, they have many friends due to their loving and caring nature. Sometimes they show their sexiness in a way that only their lover can understand.


They are fun loving people, and love to try new things. They are very popular among their friends. They are quiet unless excited or tensed. They easily consoled by others. They are honest and concerned about people’s feelings. They are tactful, friendly and approachable. They are witty, sparkly, and snazzy. But they can be moody at times. They are caring and loving by their nature. They have a strong sense of sympathy and they treat everyone equally. They can judge people through their observations. Sometimes they love to be alone. Always broods about the past and the old friends. They are the people who wait for friends. They are not aggressive unless provoked.


They have got the best personality and are an absolute pleasure to be around. They love to make new friends. They are a flirty and more than likely have a very attractive partner, a wicked hottie. Like somebody with a JUNE birthday. It is also more likely than that they have a massive record collection. When it comes to films, you know how to pick them and may one day become a famous actor/actress yourself – heck, you’ve got the looks for it.


They love to going out and partying. They live their life on their own rules and don’t hesitate to take risks. They have an awesome self- control. They have the self confident to be loud and boisterous and can take their revenge anyhow. They are easy to get along with and talk to. They are music lover and love singing. They could be easily distracted .They hate when people don’t trust them. They hates studying and in need of “that someone”. They are rebellious and can fight for their freedom.

September Born People= ADORABLE

They love to chat and love to take things at the center. They are good in bed. They have their inner beauty as well as physical beauty. They don’t pretend any fake things. They get angry often. They usually make right choices in their life. They treat their friends importantly. They don’t harm others. It is all about love and fairness. They are kinda daydreamer but they do fulfill. They don’t care to control their emotions. They know very well to entertain their self to have fun. They are unpredictable and extremely smart.



These people are trustworthy and loyal. They are very passionate and somehow dangerous. They could be wild at times. They love to have fun. They are very mysterious. Everyone is drawn towards their inner and outer beauty and independent personality. They are a real players, but secretive. They are very emotional and temperamental sometimes. They usually don’t meet new people easily and even don’t social in a group. But they are fearless and independent too.


These are the people who born stubborn and hard-hearted. They have strong-willed and highly motivated. They attract others easily and loves to get attention. They have deep feelings and their love become for them beautiful physically and mentally. Shy towards opposite sex. They love daydreaming.. They love traveling and even they don’t like being at home. They are hardworking and high spirited kind of person.


They are the most good-looking, loyal and generous kind of people. They have patriotism in their blood. They are competitive in everything. They are hasty and don’t have patience. They are ambitious but though hard to understand. They think far with vision, yet complicated to know. They can be easily influenced by kindness. They are polite and soft-spoken by their nature. These people are really creative and they have a lot of ideas.

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