What is working women’s guilt?

How to overcome working women’s guilt?

It feels good to be successful but at what cost? This is a very important issue especially related to the lives of women because women progressing in the workplace also play the role of mother, daughter, daughter-in-law, and wife and struggle with dual responsibility. As a result, something remains incomplete on the health and peace front. That is why depression, guilt, and stress have become an unwanted part of the lives of today’s working women.

Tags like multitasking and superwoman have been associated with the working women taking up countless responsibilities in the modern lifestyle, but a lot has come from life. Working Mom Guilt means when you are made to feel guilty while being a working mother. You yourself may also feel bad about leaving your children and going to work. At times, you may also feel that due to working, you are not able to contribute to the development of your children. It’s all part of Mom’s Guilt.

How working women reacted to this guilt?

Many women have spoken regarding this. Anita (name changed) told Oneworldnews that Mom Guilt is real and you are not a good mom because you work a real job and don’t spend all of your time with your kids. Another woman (Priya) said that she is the mother of a 15-month-old boy. Her boy goes to daycare 3 days a week while she works. She said, I miss my boy but I also enjoy having time to myself. But this will surely guilt me for not being able to stand by your kid.

Working women’s guilt can affect your mental health

Rapidly changing economic equations, the level of education, has pushed women today to step outside the threshold. But the responsibilities of household and family are still their part, as a result, today a large percentage of working women are facing physical and mental problems in order to strike a balance in both the places. In this hustle and bustle of everyday life, she is only keeping herself at a secondary level while handling everything. Due to this changing role, many women are becoming victims of obesity and poor health in today’s time. There is definitely a reason for this. Her routine is such that in a stressful and tiring schedule, there is no time for exercise and rest.

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If this mom guilt is bothering you too, here’s how you can put an end to it:

1. Learn to Manage Time: If you are a working mom, then you have to strike a balance between your kids and work. By following a specific routine, you will be able to improve time management and give enough time to your children and work. When you are able to manage time properly on both sides, your mom’s guilt will automatically end.

2. Explain your work to your kids: It is very important to explain to children that you are not free for them all the time. Introduce them to your work and explain to them the importance of this work in your life. It is very important that your children learn to accept your work as a part of your life.

3. Realize That You Are Allowing Your Children To Grow: As a working mom, you may not always be around your kids. Instead of feeling guilty about this, change your perspective and think that you are giving your children a chance to grow themselves. When your children feel free to make decisions, their growth is greatly accelerated. This also increases their self-confidence.

4. Stay away from nonsense what others say: You will always find people around you who will taunt you for being a working mom. There is no need to please such people. Always remember why you started working and why you continued it even after becoming a mother. You don’t have to answer to anyone except your kids and family. Teach your children that they should ignore such things.

5. Stay away from stress: If this guilt is bothering you a lot, then do not hold back from taking someone’s help. If you want, you can talk to your partner about it. If you need professional help, take that too. It is very important that you keep yourself safe from stress because only then you will be able to give proper time to your children and come out of this working mom guilt.

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