What is the disadvantage of missing breakfast?

Why shouldn’t you miss your breakfast?

Nowadays the main reason for not having breakfast is to wake up late. These days we sleep so late at night that after waking up in the morning, we eat food directly. Having breakfast is very important and it is the most important meal of the day. You can skip anything but you should never skip breakfast. It is most common among youngsters that they do each and every task at the opposite time, due to which they start having problems in many ways before time. The reason for this is to miss the nutrients found in breakfast –

1. Get Lazy: Having breakfast always brings health to our body and we are able to do all the morning work faster. If we stay hungry for a long time and then eat a lot of food, then we become lazy. Therefore, both breakfast and breakfast should be done at the right time and in the right quantity.

2. Increases the risk of diabetes: Skipping breakfast increases the risk of type 2 diabetes. The risk of obesity also increases due to insulin resistance and hormone regulation. Along with this, there are also chances of having heart attacks and problems of high blood pressure.

3. Lack of nutrients in your body: There are many types of nutrients in breakfast like fiber and vitamins in fruits, calcium in milk, and an adequate amount of proteins which are necessary for our body. Due to this our keratin level remains correct. Keratin is responsible for the growth of our hair. So if you do not have breakfast at the right time then you may have a hair fall problem.

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4. Illness, especially headache and acidity: Migraine is a headache disease and its main reason is not eating food on time and eating after a long gap. Due to hunger, our blood pressure also starts rising rapidly.

5. Increases blood sugar: Skipping breakfast affects your blood sugar level. This can make you feel hungry and angry as well. In fact, your mood can be disturbed due to low blood sugar levels, this will reduce energy as well as cognitive function.

6. Metabolism becomes slow: If you do not have breakfast then your metabolism may slow down. Breakfast kicks off your metabolism, but when you don’t have breakfast, your metabolism will not be boosted. Due to this, calories will also be burnt less and results will be available late.

7. Tend to gain weight: If we do not have breakfast in the morning, then it is obvious that we will eat lunch in large quantities due to being very hungry. By eating more food at a time, more calories go into the body, due to which we become fat.

8. Protein intake will be reduced: Consuming lean protein such as eggs, whey protein powder or low-fat Greek yogurt will keep your energy level up.

But if one does not consume them in breakfast, then your energy will decrease throughout the day and protein intake will also decrease. Indian food contains very less amount of protein. If you do not consume a source of lean protein in the morning, then it is obvious that you will not be able to take protein according to the needs of the body.

9. Effect on Immunity: If you do not eat breakfast, then the immunity starts weakening. By not eating anything for 7-8 hours at night, the time of fasting increases and it starts damaging the cells. Hence regular feeding is required to maintain healthy levels of immune cells.

10. Risk of cancer: As we have just seen that by not having breakfast, we tend to eat a large amount of lunch. Due to this, we are fat and obese people are more prone to cancer.

Keep all the meals healthy with a healthy breakfast then see how quickly you get good results. Eat well, work out a lot and stay healthy.

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