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Quarantine & Chill: Government is also Saying Ghar se kaam karo na

Here is why it is important these days to stay indoors!

COVID 19 has been declared one of the biggest pandemic so far. Currently, it is the biggest threat to humanity. Italy is already  suffering and according to a fresh report around 26,00 medical workers have been infected due to this deadly virus. There is no treatment available for the disease and social distancing is the only way to stop this virus from spreading.

Threat of community transmission in India? 

Talking about India, the COVID 19 cases are increasing and biggest Maharashtra has reported highest numbers. So far, it has reached to 50. Well, the situation is still under control. But threat of community transmission cannot be ignored. Keeping in mind the big threat, Indian government is taking all necessary precautions to curb this infection from spreading further. People are advised to stay indoors, especially children and elderly. Someone who has low immunity are also advised to stay indoors and practice self Isolation.

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What is Social Distancing and how it can help? 

To fight with this disease, it is very important to break the chain. If you decide to stay at home, then it could be a great help for the nation. India is at a crucial stage and it is important to curb the infection at this stage. From Deepika Padukone to Virat Kohli everyone is these days saying no to social gathering. Nation’s heartthrob Kartik Aryan to gave an important message and requested people to stay at home.

What PM said? 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked people not to panic & try to handle this situation calmly. He said he want few weeks from the people of India. Prime Minister has also asked people to take part in Janta Curfew on March 22.

Is there anything to panic? 

No! There is nothing to panic but it is important to take this pandemic seriously. You can’t ignore the guidelines set by government.

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