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What is Plogging & why you should try this healthy-cleanliness workout

Plogging, the newly born healthy-cleanliness workout

Plogging: Fitness Cum Cleanliness Drive

Plogging, the term was first coined in 2016 when a Swedish man Erik Ahlström started picking up the trash while going to work and a morning walk. Erik, the name behind the origin of Plogging later started his own website ‘Plogga’ to encourage people and organize a cleanliness drive. Plogging is combined with two words, jogging and the Swedish word Plocka Upp which means picking up. In simple words, it is an effective way to clean up your area while jogging, walking, or strolling. People usually carry a trash bag and gloves and pick up the litter on their way while outdoor activities and some people practice Plogging while commuting to their work too.

A Global Fad

Within months after starting, Plogging was adopted worldwide. From Asia to the USA, from Europe to Australia people participated and cleaned up their locals. Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was seen doing it at Mamallapuram beach, and before that during the occasion of the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, Modi-lead BJP said they will be organizing Plogging across the nation. ‘Keep America Beautiful’ is yet another organization that is promoting Plogging in America. In Kolar, Karnataka a non-profit initiative Go Plog organizes the event every month and has collected 16 tons of waste through Plogging. There are several groups on Meetup that organize it frequently on a weekly or monthly basis. Plogging has become a trend and made a great impact in no time. It is a great way to clean your area while keeping yourself fit and healthy.

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