What is Mangal Dosha?

Important things you need to know about Mangal Dosha before getting married


  • What is Mangal Dosha? 
  • How to nullify its effects? 
  • Can a manglik person marry a manglik?

Mangal Dosha is often seen as a deterrent to happy married life. But with the ten most common tips to remove Manglik Dosha, one may attract peace and prosperity in married life. An individual with Mars in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth, and twelfth house is called a Manglik person. Mars, with its placement in these houses, causes disturbance in married life.

It also causes delays and if it is placed in the retrograde state then even makes it more difficult to get married. If a person is afflicted with Mangal Dosha, it is very important to get it neutralised; else, inherent excessive aggression and ego burn the whole life of the native. The Manglik person rarely has friends and shares bitter relations with siblings, relatives, and others.

Effects of Manglik Dosha

Now, understand the effects of Manglik /Mangal Dosha. Though it is said that the effects of Mangal Dosha get pacified after 28 years of age, one still needs to be careful to nullify its bad effects. Mars, with its placement in different houses mentioned above, causes these afflictions.

First House- There is a lot of aggression and passion in the person. They always remain in a hurry and make decisions without giving any thought. From here, it also aspects the 7th house, thus causing problems in married life.

Fourth House- It is the house of domestic happiness, and a malefic is not desirable for domestic peace here.

Seventh House- This is a house of marriage and the presence of Mars gives ego issues along with too much quarrels and arguments. The native may also have abusive tongue causing problems in married life.

Eighth House- This is the house of sexual relationship, and Mars here gives possibilities of extramarital affairs. Here too, a sharp tongue may create problems in married life.

Twelfth House- Mars here gives complex diseases, and there is no bed pleasure in the couple’s life. The native may be quarrelsome and not adjusting in nature.

One can read more about this and find what is Mangal Dosha.

Should a Manglik person marry a Manglik person only?

There is a classical perception that a Manglik person should marry a Manglik person only. This is not absolutely correct.

First, there is no clear definition of Manglik Dosha, and even celebrity astrologers err in identifying if the person really has Mangal Dosha. The Manglik effects have to be seen from the Lagna, Moon, and Venus as well. A good marriage astrologer may identify the intensity and applicability of the Manglik Dosha in its true sense. In my experience, 50% of the people said to be having Mangal Dosha may not be Manglik at all. 

Secondly, even if you are identified as a Manglik person. Then also, there is a very high possibility that the traits of Mangal Dosha in one horoscope get cancelled or counterbalanced by the other horoscope. The other person may not be Manglik but can have some specific planetary combinations to nullify the Manglik effects of one horoscope. With two people having traits of a Mangal Dosha, the Manglik Dosha gets canceled.

So, it is not mandatory that the Manglik person needs to marry a Manglik person only. However, you need an accomplished astrologer to review all these factors in both horoscopes.

Remedies to Remove Effects of Mangal Dosha

Now comes the point: what are the remedies to remove effects of Mangal Dosha? Manglik Dosha is hostile and has poor relationships with almost everyone. It may make the native very fierce in nature. If the inherent fierce energy is not channelized properly, the person becomes destructive in native. It is believed that it is due to bad behavior and not respecting others in the past life that a person gets afflicted with Manglik Dosha. Mars may give complex blood-related diseases and hence should not be ignored.

It is relieving to know that by following the right remedies, one can completely mitigate the ill effects of the Manglik Dosha. However, it is always better to take an astrological consultation before following any of these remedies.

Marriage after 28 years of age- The planet Mars’s maturity age is 28 years. Thus, it is advisable to marry after this age as, by that time, the effect of Mars will be reasonably reduced.

The best remedy to mitigate the effects of Manglik Dosha is to marry after matching the horoscopes. Read more on how matching horoscope for marriage can help you here.

There are some more remedies to mitigate the effects of Manglik Dosha in a generic way. One can follow these remedies to mitigate the effects of Mangal Dosha, but the best remedy for Mangal Dosha is to marry after matching the charts.

Performing a Kumbh Vivah – Under this remedy, the Manglik person is made to marry a Peepal, banyan tree, or a silver/golden idol of Lord Vishnu before the final marriage.

Reciting Mantra: Another simple remedy to remove Manglik Dosha, is to chant the Gayatri mantra/ Hanuman Chalisa daily. This will help to loosen out the effects of Mangal Dosha slowly and gradually.

Observe fast on Tuesdays: People can observe fast on Tuesdays to reduce the bad effects of Mangal dosh.

Worship Lord Hanuman every Tuesday- Lord Hanuman is known to remove the ill effect of the planets Mars and Saturn as well. One should visit the Hanuman temple on Tuesdays to remove the bad effects of Mars.

Wear a silver bracelet- The native can also wear a silver bracelet to have a cooling effect. Since silver represents the Moon, its friend Moon’s coolness will help appease Mars.

Perform Mangal dosh nivaran puja- There are a few temples dedicated to Lord Mangal Performing puja in these temples effectively reduces the ill effects of Mangal Dosha.

Donations- Donate objects like swords, knives, eatables made of red lentils, wheat bread, sweet bread, red clothes, and red stones like corals.

Donate Blood- The planet Mars causes several blood-related issues apart from causing too much aggression in the native. Donating blood from time to time is also an effective remedy for pacifying Mars or Manglik Dosha.

So, the first thing is to get identified if you are really Manglik, and if yes, what is the best remedy to remove the effects of Manglik Dosha? Do it diligently, as explained above, because going by the classical perceptions of Manglik Dosha, you may miss the best life partner. Any specific queries, connect with my office at +91 9278555588/9278665588.

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