What is Love? Reality or Illusion

What is love? Love is a reason to success but also for failure

People say Love is blind, it leads to inevitable actions. When one is in love, they are oblivious to their surroundings along with any other important thing in their life. It is a feeling where you are tending to forget yourself and just keep drowning in the depth of your cravings for that someone because of whom you are there in that situation. What is love? Is it everything?

Here are few things you need understand before falling in love.

Love is everything. Is that so? How are you so sure? What if it is mere attraction and nothing else? Humans are bound to get attracted to other humans, even animals. But is that attraction Love? What if it is just the idea of loving someone that is making you feel the way you are feeling? It is a feeling where you want to lose control and get involved in the forbidden acts.

What is Love? Reality or Illusion
Love breaks

Love is an involuntary sensation where every wrong action seems to be right and when you wake up from that state, it is all too late.

We hear many stories of immortal love throughout our lives. Romeo-Juliet, Heer-Ranjha, Shirin-Farhad are some heroic love gods who have always inspired us to love. But surprisingly, today’s generation have turned the entire concept upside down.

They fall in love every second day with any attractive person they see and then the very next day they fall out of love to love another attractive person. Is it some kind of joke? People die to keep what they feel is love. They leave the ones who actually love them just to be with the love of their life. But is it, right?

These days, Love is a recreational activity for youngsters. But is it actually love? Now, that is the question that you have to answer for yourself? Because love is something which you feel from heart not from your brain. It is time my friend for you to decide, what is love for you? Is it reality or a mere illusion?

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