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What Is Happening in Afghanistan?

What is happening in Afghanistan?  Taliban captured Afghan’s Capital Kabul, people storm the airport to leave the country.

On the day when India was celebrating 74 years of its Independence, Ashraf Ghani, president of Afghanistan had relinquished his power and left the country on 15 August 2021. His action made way for the Taliban to form an interim government. As per reports, Ahmad Jalali was appointed as head of the new interim government. The internet is flooded with heartbreaking pictures and videos. People from all across the world are expressing their concern for the safety of Afghan women. Let us understand what is happening in Afghanistan?

Taliban has taken over Afghanistan by entering the capital city of Kabul.

The Taliban and Afghan government officials are in negotiations for a peaceful transfer of power after fighters encircled the capital Kabul. As per reports,  residents informed that they heard gunshots in Kabul as chaos dawned upon the city

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Where the mind is with fear –  People of Afghanistan

Displaced civilians are living in parks and open spaces in fear of their safety.

Videos on social media show Taliban militants entering the city from all sides. According to reports, Kabul’s streets are jam-packed as people are seen rushing towards their homes or the airports

Reports say US diplomats were being ferried to the airport from the embassy in the Wazir Akbar district. Aljazeera quoted a pilot saying that the Afghan forces have abandoned the field at Kabul international airport. Reports quoted an Afghan official saying that the Afghan forces at Bagram airbase have surrendered to the Taliban. Bagram was once a US troops-controlled military airbase and was recently handed over to the Afghan forces.

The interim Taliban government is set to take charge. President Ashraf Ghani has fled, leaving Kabul leaderless and in chaos. The Taliban is forming an interim government in Kabul. Acting Interim  Minister Abdul Sattar Mirzakwal assured Kabul residents that transition will happen peacefully and civilians would not be harmed.

1996-2001: A sneak peek into History 

There are some old memories of the Taliban from 1996-2001, which still haunts Afghanis, especially women. The brutal law saw regressive policies, execution, and intolerance.  Women were not allowed to leave home without a blood relative as a chaperone.  Girls were restricted from attending school and had to cover themselves completely. Those who defied the diktat were beaten and even killed. There were several reports of abduction, rape, and even forced relationships. From their makeup to shoes everything was on the radar by the Taliban or students in the Pashto language.

The women lost all their hopes under the repressive regime and men were not allowed to shave.

Taliban statement on Kabul

· Ordered all Taliban fighters to not enter Kabul

· Taliban want a peaceful transition

· Promises no retaliation against civilians or military.

· All are forgiven

· Everyone should stay home.

India’s stake in Afghanistan: How will it impact India? 

India has invested over 3 billion dollars in Afghanistan and many projects are underway. Afghan-India friendship dam, formally known as Salma Dam built over Hari River, possesses an investment of over US $290 million. According to reports, the Taliban are close to taking control over this dam, which is a source of irrigation and electricity in the area.

Recently, the Taliban had reportedly captured an attack helicopter in Kunduz gifted by India to the Afghan force.

Taliban, however, has assured India and other nations that it would not harm embassies and diplomatic staff. As India remained firm to stand against Kabul military takeover, the Taliban issued a threat.

As per Hindustan Times, Taliban insurgents have warned India of the consequences if it intervened militarily in Afghanistan. Taliban spokesperson Suhail Shaheen said, “India should take note of the fate of the U.S-led alliance. It won’t be good for India if it comes to Afghanistan and maintains its military presence.”

India has so far no plan to intervene directly in Afghanistan against the Taliban and other terrorists. 

Like the United States, India too has readied a contingency plan for the speedy withdrawal of diplomats from Kabul. An Indian embassy in Kabul has issued several advisories on calling on Indian citizens to plan their return from Afghanistan.  India is putting a heavy lift aircraft of the IAF on standby for the emergency evacuation from Kabul. India said that it airlifted 3 Indian engineers who were in an area not controlled by Afghan forces.

At present, less than 1500 Indian nations including diplomats and engineers are present in Afghanistan. Pakistan is also alleged to providing aid to the Taliban. It is said the Taliban removed a Sikh religious flag in the Paktia province of Afghanistan. However, the Taliban has refuted all such allegations.

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