What if your mancan't stick to a decision?

What if your mancan’t stick to a decision?

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Relationships brings lot of happiness in our life and yes it takes us to an altogether different journey but that doesn’t mean that your story will have a fairytale the end.

There can be lot of complications too at the same time that can lead to difference of opinions in between you and your partner.

Are you dating a man who has a hard time sticking to a decision. So, here are few tips to change him for a good that will help him for his entire life. Whether you are with him or not.

What if your mancan't stick to a decision?


1. For him love and relationships are like jobs, he will keep in changing it until he sticks for the right one. So, communicate with him and tell him essence of love.

2. Rather scolding him for his flaws encourage him to take small decisions and stand for himself.

3. Give him timeline to think about you but make sure you tell him that you can’t hold on for your entire life and can’t wait forever too.

4. Show him the consequences of not sticking to a decision that will give him a clear picture.

If this doesn’t work, let it go because it can be hazardous for you in longer run and in fact it is annoying too.

Love is a wonderful feeling and everyone wants to get along with a right person but what if the right isn’t sure for us? Work for their good but if everything fails take a serious call on it.

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