What Happens When You Panic?

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Understanding “The Power of the Mind”

Panick gets us nothing but terror and restlessness which leads us to wrong results. We always get to know the stories where people fall prey to things which later turns to a misfortune. Extreme mental stability trains our mind to work at the time of an emergency or crisis. We instead of crying over the thought of dying should try either scope of saving ownself or just not creating further problems.

(Power of Mind) 

 It has been a decent time to one of the numb wrecking incidents that took place in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. A Woman with her child was abducted where the situation seems simply impossible to get out of and the only thing that came to her mind was that she would be raped now. But there is a saying which says, “The mind of a human is capable of anything.”So when she saw herself about getting raped and served to the most heinous crime, she played a trick.

She could sense the misfortune 

Mother and her daughter were way back home after running errands. Kishore Vilas Ahvad, a man who was accused of his father’s murder enjoying the bail tried to get hold of the woman. He was about to ruin the woman’s life when she recollected all her sense and made a statement,” I am HIV positive.”  The man who was next to Satan for her got tamed with the fear of the deadliest disease. He took a step back and ran away. After she described him for a sketch with a detailed description of his tattoos, etc. The police tracked him down and arrested him.

 This incident taught us something that could stop a RAPE, it was the power   of the mind!