What happens When You Don’t Clean your tongue everyday?

These 5 things can happen if you don’t clean your tongue daily

  •  Tooth loss
  •  Black hairy Tongue
  •  Yeast infection in your mouth
  •  Halitosis(Bad Breath)
  •  Periodontal Disease

Since our childhood we have been told that if we want to have healthy and shiny teeth, we should brush them twice a daily. We all know that not brushing our teeth would lead to cavity and is a bad dental health routine.Here are five things that can happen to you, if you don’t clean your tongue daily.

Tongue cleaning is an important hygienic practice that helps in removal of dead skin cells, bacteria, toxins, fungi and food debris from the surface of the tongue. Most of the stench causing bacteria stay around and on your tongue. Tongue cleaning can help us with a variety of health issues. It boost your immune system, helps in digestion and thus, improving your dental health. On the contrary, if you don’t clean your tongue everyday, you can contract many health conditions.

Tongue infection
Tongue infection

Here are 5 things that can happen if you don’t clean your tongue daily

· Tooth loss:

If you are not brushing your tongue, it can make your gum weak and bacteria can attack on it. This may effect your teeth in the long run and you may slowly begin to loss them, if you don’t want it happen clean your tongue regularly, so brushing your teeth for too long can damage your teeth. Have you ever faced a situation where you did not get the taste of what you were eating. It may be because you have lost your sense of taste due to bacteria, food residues and dead skin which are covering your tongue. The outcome of this is that you will not have a sharp sense of taste.

· Black hairy Tongue:

This the most long stage of an unclean and dirty tongue. This occur when the surface of your tongue is replete with leftover food and drink. But this is harmless and goes away once you clean your tongue properly. Here are no actual hair, but a fuzzy look on your tongue that make it look like a dark hairy tongue.

· Yeast infection in your mouth:

Most of the women can get a yeast infection down there but you may not know that yeast infection can also happen in your mouth. When the bacteria level is high in your mouth the yeast that naturally grow there can build too much. They leads to be white patches on your tongue.

· Halitosis(Bad Breath)

Bad Breath
Bad Breath

First thing that happens when you don’t clean your tongue every day is Halitosis this is known as Bad Breath. If the tongue is not clean everyday the bacteria start building up on your tongue and after sometime it starts giving a so much smell.

· Periodontal Disease:

Bacteria on your tongue can get transferred to your teeth. If your gum are not treated properly this inflammation can turn into periodontal disease.Periodontal disease is pretty scary. It can cause receding gums, infections, chronic inflammation, and can even make your teeth fall out. Additionally, periodontal disease is linked to higher risk of miscarriage, stroke, and heart attack.

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