What happens when you date your best-friend?

What happens when you date your best-friend?

Okay! This can be really weird but at times might also be the most beautiful decision you take in your life. Best-friends are like your secret diary, you love them and tell everything you want to, without giving it a second thought. They understand you for everything you do and forgive you for every mistake you commit. Yes, they can be considered God’s gift to you because probably after your mother they are the ones who understand you.

What happens when you date your best-friend? - oneworldnews

Your best-friend could be of the same sex as you or the opposite one. However, it is likely that your best friend falls in love with you and you don’t feel the same but because you have heard the clichéd dialogues of your friends around, “be with the one who loves you, not the one whom you love” you say a YES! But do you think this yes would stay for “ever”? Well, being in a relationship is a task! Yes it is! And when you are surrounded by couples then the situation gets even tougher. Well, the decision is a tricky one and you may be confused. So, let us tell you how you can escape such weird situations and decide what you really want to do:

You don’t feel horny! : He is sweet, caring and there for you every time you need. But all of a sudden his role in your life has changed from someone to “the one”.

You go out with a couple of your friends who are with their boyfriends. They kiss, they hold hands, they get cozy and you being next to your best friend aka boyfriend feel extremely awkward because he looks at you with ‘puppy eyes’ to signal ‘can I have one too?’

At such times, you might want to go invisible or get out of such a situation but it may seem like an impossible thing to do. However, as they say ‘nothing is impossible’.

What happens when you date your best-friend? - oneworldnews

Divert his mind and put your point indirectly: “You know what! I met this girl yesterday….. Do you think that’s the right thing to do, shouldn’t she wait?”
Take him out and show him things you feel are romantic and offer the same to him: “Hey, look there! It is so beautiful, let’s check it out… I love this one, I am buying this for you.”

That’s not my thingy: Ignoring his desires in the beginning can be easy but as the relationship builds up (sadly only from his side) it can get difficult. It would not be surprising to get messages like, ‘Are we okay?’, ‘Is everything right between us?’, ‘Do you really love me?’ when you try to ignore his desires.

It’s important to understand that as much as emotional bonding is important similarly physical bonding plays a vital role too. It is okay for him to expect but if you are not okay with it, do this:

What happens when you date your best-friend?  - oneworldnews


It’s hard, but it’s true: As friends, you were loyal and he knew you inside-out but since you have been in relationship things are getting harder for you to express and for him to understand. Go on a date and tell him that you would need some more time to open up to him as a girlfriend or tell him (if you are sure about it) that it’s not your thing.

But if you think that you can give this relationship a chance and make it better for both of you, then start by taking baby steps which involves voicing your emotions, getting to know the likes and dislikes etc. And when you are ready to get cozy with him then try a few things which can develop your relationship in a better way:

Remember it is important to have feelings before making any move. However, sometimes making that move can only tell you if this relationship can work out or not.

Tiny touch: Someone’s touch is the best way to judge what is in their mind (sometimes it can be dangerous too!). A romantic way could be holding his tiny finger with your pinky finger and in a way make promises that you are never backing out of the friendship and all you want is him to understand you in whatever you do.

What happens when you date your best-friend? - oneworldnews

Kiss my wrist: Well, this point is for guys, if your girl seems not so comfortable for a peck, lip-kiss or a simple make-out then this is the simplest way to tell her that you are not in a hurry for anything but just want to convey your care, love for her through a sweet gesture. Hold her hand, turn it around and kiss on the wrist (the side where nerves are visible). Your message would go right to her heart and her blushing would tell you that she loved it.

Flappy kiss: To begin with, butterfly kiss is the sweetest kiss to notice the chemistry you have with your best friend. All you have to do is get your face closer to his face, make the eye lids meet each other and flutter rapidly while gently kissing each other.

Love whispers: Sometimes saying it out loud is not needed. Expressing through your breath can make everything much better than words. Go closer to him, hug him and whisper few words or just blow your breath around his ears and neck. This would not only make him feel romantic but also would make him understand that you too are trying to get closer to him.

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