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Just Friends? Here are surprising facts about what guys really think of their female friends

People think there is no way men and women can actually be friends without feelings getting in the way. The real question is, – is it true?

Multiple researches reveal that men, more often than women, are physically attracted to female friends, even when both people define the relationship as platonic.

Well, I have many guy friends and I am a big believer that guys and girls can have relationships that aren’t romantic. If there are a type of guys who can’t be friends with women, they are the ones who only see women as being good for fulfilling only sex desires, it is as simple as that.

Multiple studies have claimed that a majority of men spend quality time in their fantasy world. It is because they are needy and lonely in real life (IRL) and fantasising makes them happy so they do it and since it is not harming anyone, they choose to do it time and again. But, everything has a limit.

After speaking to men on social media about this subject, and based on recent studies, here are some facts revealed about men’s sexual interests in their gal pals.

  1. It would be fun to talk dirty: Fantasies are something that excites you in their own weird way. Like sexting gives deep satisfaction and pleasure to a man and also to a woman. It has been said that men are experts in drawing a line between fantasy and reality, they really are! It is a fact that men will fantasize about anyone even if they don’t want that in real life. If a girl and boy start talking dirty even if it is for fun, and if they keep doing it, one of them is going to cross the limit.

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  1. World’s best sandwich: Yes girls, it’s true, guys do imagine this but only those who are sex addicts. And, just like girls, guys also tend to make their girlfriends jealous by having a close relationship with their female girlfriends. Now, even if it is on their mind, they don’t try to make that possible since they don’t want to risk their relationship. So, most of the men try that at least in their imagination and get thrilled since many dreams of indulging in a threesome, both men and women.

  2. She should be with me, not with her boyfriend: Men become a bit possessive when it comes to women they care about. Perhaps, not all men, but a majority of them. It happens when they spot their female bestie with another man. If a guy has some romantic feelings for her then he will get as jealous as a human can be only because he thinks he can love her the way she is supposed to be loved.

  3. Being friends with benefits: For some men, controlling libido is extremely challenging specially when they are watching a love-making scene in a movie together. In such scenarios, if the guy is a sex addict, it is a fact that he will get stimulated from the visuals and will start fantasizing about having a horny time with the friend who is sitting right next to him. A guy who has done this before and has flirted with many girls is the one who keeps on imagining this stuff. Even there are many girls who do the same thing like fantasising about their male friends.

    What matters is how much you value your female friend. There are some guys who just want sex from anything that moves but then again, those are SOME guys, not ALL guys. Not every guy desires friends with benefits.

  4. Getting a feel of her body: The majority of men may not accept the fact that they secretly fantasise about touching their female friends. Now, some men touch their female friends out of love, compassion, closeness or because they like them or even they are in love with them and some men do this because they are …well they are just pervert.

    Also, men may have a secret desire to hug their female friends without a reason and touching their cheeks. Some guys love when their female friends sit very close to them. It’s just the way it is.

  5. Being a hot guy for her:  Some guys are very particular about their looks every time just because they want to leave a good impression on their female friends. It is obvious that everyone desires to look beautiful and to be the center of attraction but getting compliments from female friends is like a secret wish some men crave for. Also, whenever a guy shows himself in new attire, he fantasizes about his bestie’s reaction and that says everything.

  6. His “shades of grey”: Many men easily get attracted physically to women and they would never mind having her in their bed. It is a hard truth that some men fantasize about having sex with their female friends from time to time but that doesn’t mean they want anything more. It’s just how their mind works because deep down even if they say they do not want to hook up with my female friends, doesn’t mean they have stopped wanting to. If there was a perfect world where men could hook up with female friends and it wouldn’t make things awkward or ruin your friendship or if there wouldn’t be any repercussions, MEN WOULD TOTALLY DO IT.

    In fact, millennials from various countries have already confessed to this thing on social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, and Reddit! Many have admitted that they are crazy for their female best friend and are actually just waiting for her to make the move. Experts say that nothing can stop a man’s flight of fantasy.

    Now, I keep saying this ‘some men’ because not every man feels the same way. A friend who really values you and cherish you will never even imagine stuff like this and will never do anything remotely to this.

  7. Sexual attraction:  At times, some men don’t plan about fantasizing about their female friends but sometimes along the lines it happens. Like, when some men never expected to see their female friends in a bikini or the way she smells is seductive or when you have similar interests and lots to talk about. For some men, even the less hot bodies will turn them on. For some men who are turned on easily, the sexual attraction will always be there.

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