What does your lipstick says about your personality?

Your Lipstick color says a lot about your personality, here is all you need to know

Do you know your lipstick says a lot about your personality? Many women think that putting lipstick is a fairly innocuous task, something which can be done quickly without any fuss. However, the way you put your lipstick reveals a lot of intimate details about you. Here is all you need to know about lipstick colors.


Red: Putting red color means you believe in class. Red is a classic color and it also depicts that you have dominating personality.

Red color

Hot Pink: You are an outgoing and a fun loving person if you opt for a hot pink color. Hot Pink is notorious and is usually meant for bubbly people. If you are bubbly, you can make friends just about anywhere you go and you are always excited and dedicated to whatever you choose to do.

Nude: The nude lips color suggests that you are shy and quite. You prefer to be more in the back ground and not in the center of attention. Sometime nude color gives off the wrong vibe and with your shyness. People fall in the love with your personality.

Nude Lip

Glossy: If you are looking for more bang for your buck. Why you buy lipstick and lip gloss when you could have it all in one.

Peach: Peach lipstick reveals the goodness of your personality. Peach color depicts generosity. You care about your family and friends.

Wine: Wine color lipstick shows that you are all about seduction in every sense in the world. You are in no rush to get what you want, preferring to take your time. Making you a person who knows how to live in the movement.
Shapes of your lips

Thin top and bottom lips: The person can be a loner and be ok with it. They don’t need to be attached at someone’s hip. They also don’t naturally speak the language of relationship as well as someone with fuller lips.

Lips with a peaked Cupid’s bow: This lips shape tends to mean the person is good communicator and its quick minded they can also be highly reactive and often not think before speaking.

Small mouths with full natural lips: People with natural lips and mouth shape tend to be more about in themselves in relationship. They will begin to think about their partner more. At first, someone with a small mouths with full lips. They will come around eventually, but it will take time.

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