What does your body parts say about your personality?

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Know about your body parts because they say a lot about your personality

We all have heard that size doesn’t matter but scientists never stop on anything. They keep finding new ways to suggest it actually does. From the top to the bottom, your body parts say a lot about your personality. The arch of an eyebrow, length of an index finger, or even the shape of your face, every body part reveals a lot of things about you. Here we bring to you that what does your body parts say about you?

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Here’s how you can find out what your body says about you:-

    • Hair: Bald men are considered as tougher and macho but there is a twist, only if they shave their head completely. Brown-haired people are considered as responsible and hardworking while black-haired people are considered as very deep and spiritual. Blonde women are more confident because they like to get more attention.
    • Forehead: A wide and broad forehead reveals cleverness, practicality, diligence and a head with full of ideas. A flat forehead speaks of pragmatism and sticking to facts. On the other hand, people who have a high-rounded and deep forehead have strong friendships bonds.
    • Eyebrows: People with thick and dark eyebrows are active and friendly one. On the other hand, people with light eyebrows are more likely to follow common folk. Brows that point upwards indicate a strong work ethic.
    • Face: People who have a wider face, they tend to be more devious and prone to cheating. Narrow-faced men are more likely to be honest and open-minded. Go and have a close look at your loved ones and neighbor and check out what are they try to be and what they are.
    • Nose: Telling lies, does it really make any sense to make your nose grow? People with fibbers’ noses swell when they are being economical with the truth.
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  • Ears: Small ears could make you more prone to eczema as skin that flakes off inside is harder to expel. Small and very low-set ears may indicate kidney problems.
  • Mouth: People who have large tongues, they may be more prone to obstructive sleep apnea and terrible snoring. People with big lips make us more sexually attractive to the opposite sex.
  • Chin: According to studies, people who have big chin are more likely to cheat because they have higher levels of testosterone.
  • Chest: According to research, men with hairy chests are less attractive to women. Ladies usually prefer a smooth skin because hairy men are more likely to have higher levels of the female hormone estrogen, which could affect their virility.
  • Hands: People who have ring fingers longer than their index fingers make them bad drivers, but those who have long index fingers are more likely to suffer from depression. A man’s ring finger points to his attitude towards money as well, with a ring finger being longer than an index finger signifies that he’s likely to be rich.
  • Tummy: Fatter men have greater sexual stamina than slim men. Heavy men have higher levels of female sex hormones, slowing their progress to orgasm. According to studies, it has been claimed about women who have bowl-shaped or concave navels are sensitive and prone to worry.
  • Hips: People with big hips are more forgetful than their peers. But increasing fat around the hips rather could protect women from diabetes and heart disease.
  • Feet: People with small feet are probably doing too much for other people, and not enough for themselves. People with wide feet are usually very hard-working. They can’t sit calmly and do nothing.

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