What does your birth month say about your personality?

Do you know just like your birthday your birth month also plays an important role, when it comes to describing your personality?

Here are some facts about you that you might not know according your birth month.

What does your birth month say about your personality?


  • January:  They are born leaders and love to explore new things.  They are ambitious and like to stand out of the crowd.
  • February:  They are true lovers though, they don’t like restrictions but they can do anything for someone special in their life. They usually like to dominate people.
  • March:  They are day dreamers and are extremely cheerful, outgoing and affectionate.
  • April:  April born people are usually adventurous, they are bit diplomatic but are extremely humorous.
  • May:  They have a pleasing personality and can gel well with others.
  • June:  They talk a lot but no one can beat their fashion sense as that is god gifted to them.
  • July:  They are unpredictable, anything can happen. People born in July do not hold grudges but they are deep thinkers.
  • August:  They are devoted lovers but are extremely bold and ambitious.
  • September:  They are wise and humble and handle things in a cool way.
  • October:  They can be rebellious at times but they make most faithful friends.
  • November: God knows from where they bring their patients, humble and full of life, November people can actually tell you what love and trust is.
  • December:  They are often impatient but being them is like having fun all the time.
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