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Burnouts are not Something to Ignore. What are burnouts and how to deal with them?

Burnouts are not Something to Ignore!


Have you had your spell where you are in your want and need to work, but you are not able to? A situation where you are asked to work, and you also do, but you are inner self is not enough motivated to do anything. You are certainly losing your interest in things you usually like. Well, such a situation can be seen as a moment, when you are having your burnout. And remember, burnouts are not something to ignore! So, what are burnouts and how to deal with them?

What are burnouts? Let’s have a look at it in detail

An unconditionally stressful lifestyle can bring people under intense strain. This loop of stress can be intense to the point that they feel drained, hollow, burnt, and unable to cope. One of the primary reasons behind it can be job stress that may even be affecting physical and emotional well-being. The reasons behind it can be people being overworked, in a time-constrained situation, or just not happening to be in the right frame of work at their workplace. It is also an act of people’s extreme behavioural need to have been working all the time.

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Signs of Burnout

Alienation from activities (work-related and at times activities that interest you): People who have their burnouts find it really difficult to stick to the work or even activities that interest them. These become a reason for their stress and frustration and access to this state can lead to spells of self-doubt and numbness.

Exhaustion: Feeling emotionally, physically or mentally drained and unable to cope with this feeling can be a sign. It is a sign for people who have not been finding enough energy to work.

Reduced performance: Unable to work at the same pace, with the same quality can also be a sign of burnout.

So, what can be done to deal with the burnout –

– Take a break
– Go on a Vacation
– Ask for a different work role at your place
– Talk to friends and find a release

While these can be a few things one can do, but the fact and truth about the capitalist society are what can they afford to do?

Poverty and Burnouts

We often tell people to take a break, but can people afford to take a break? Does their financial structure allow them to take a break? If they will take a break, then is there any way in which they will be able to manage their finances? Hence, dealing with burnout also becomes a matter of luxury at times.

Capitalism and Burnouts

In the capitalist structure, employees’ worth is only considered till the time they are productive. Capitalism makes people believe and value themselves based on their productivity. And the very idea that they should be working all the time to be worthy of something disallows them to realise their burnout and the need to get out of the burnout phase.

Gender and Burnouts

Burnouts and how can one deal with them depends on their gender. For a working woman, even if she gets a break from work life, her job as a homemaker still stays. It is hardly ever like a working woman who is a homemaker too can afford to have a time that’s absolute of no work and in her control.  The responsibilities of their home, their children are often primed to be of the woman.

Understanding your burnout and acting upon it accordingly is as important as your work. A break is something that every person needs and deserves and devoiding from taking it will be of no good. While for those, who can’t have the opportunity to have a break, they should keep a check on themselves and plan for small breaks for the mental peace of their mind.

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