West Bengal Doctors’ Protest spreads across India: 5 Important Highlights!


Bengal Doctors Protest spreads, Health Services has hit Delhi and Mumbai

The junior doctors’ in West Bengal are on strike since Tuesday.  Notably, the strike has hit services in the state’s government-run hospitals.  The resident doctors’ association of AIIMS has urged doctors’ bodies all across the country to join the token strike.

The protest in West Bengal has now spread all across the nation and scores of doctors in Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad have also decided to boycott the work for a day to express solidarity with protesting colleagues in West Bengal. Notably, the protest all across the nation has hit health services very hard.

 Why did this protest begin?

The protest began on Tuesday after a junior doctor was assaulted at a government-run hospital in Kolkata by relatives of a patient who died.  Notably, they have an ultimatum to Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee that they will not return to work until they get better security.

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 Here are 5 important points related to protest:

1. The resident doctors’ association of AIIMS urged doctors’ bodies across the country to join the token strike

2. On the other hand, The Indian Medical Association directed members of its branch to stage the protest and wear black badges to support the protest in West Bengal.

3. Notably, the Delhi Medical Association too have called for a statewide protest.

4. The patients all across the nation are facing a lot of problems. As health services have been hit hard due to the protest.

5. Cases of Doctor Assault are not new. A lot of people get carried away with emotions while losing their loved ones. According to reports, FIR was filed against a man last year in April when he slapped a female doctor when his father died during the treatment.

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