Welcome to the world of sneakers: Footwear that will never go out of trend

No heels please because it’s all about sneakers!

Sneakers have become perfect pair of shoes for all of us (especially for girls!). Wearing heels to enhance your look is a passé. With the passage of time definition of fashion has changed. Now, fashion means comfort. Sneakers are the new replacement for heels or so called chappals. Not only sneakers, fashion of sports shoes is again in the trend.

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We are pretty sure that you also own a pair of sneakers. So, today we have come up with some special points that clearly indicate why sneakers are just perfect!

1. Twin up it with one piece: So, denim and sports outfit can be easily pair up with sneakers. It looks amazing. Most importantly, it is most comfortable outfit for the girls. What you need to do is just wear one piece, twin up with sneakers and put just light makeup on your face.

2. Try a combo of ethnic outfit with sneakers: If you are feeling that it will not look good then people you are not on the right track. Ethnic long skirts can easily be paired up with sneakers. A lot of Bollywood actresses are trying this combo now- a- days. Collaborate ‘desi’ with ‘vedeshi’ shoes.

3. Go Simple : If you just want to go simple then just put a pair of jeans with a pair of sneakers. College girls you can go simple with this outfit. Boyfriend jeans too look perfect with sneakers.

Almost everyone needs a pair of sneakers in their wardrobe. A good pair of sneakers, which are also called athletic shoes, tackies, kicks or trainers, is the right companion when you are working out, running, hiking or playing sports. Most sneakers fall into one of three main categories when it comes to design, and in one or two categories when it comes fabrics.

Types of sneakers!

1. A low top sneaker

Low top sneakers are very minimal and are characterized by the fact that they do not cover your ankles. Low cut, lace-up trainers are the best type of sneakers that can be worn with a blazer or with other semi-formal outfits.

Enhance your look

2. High top sneakers

A pair of athletic shoes that covers your ankles falls in the category. These shoes are made for playing basketball or other sports and should always be kept for such activities. While it is not impossible, it can be tricky to make such a pair work with something else than a very sporty attire, so we advise you to think twice before you decide on buying a pair of high cut kicks.

3. Slip on sneakers

The third types of sneakers are the slip on sneakers. These are very light, easy to put on shoes that work best with casual settings, walks, and light clothes. Their design makes them very easy to put on and take off, so having a comfortable and stylish pair is a good idea if you lifestyle requires you to slip in and out of your shoes often. Some people’s lifestyle requires them to change shoes often, so to make sure that you don’t waste your time tying laces, you can opt for a pair of slip-on sneakers.

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