Weight gain could lead to risk of cancer

Obesity can cause Cancer

Obesity brings along a lot of extra baggage in the form of diseases, laziness, inferiority Complex, and many more. Our hormones changes as we gain weight which leads to our cells performing differently. One of the deadliest diseases caused by obesity could be Cancer.

Although, the fatal disease is not necessarily caused by obesity but many other reasons but weight gain certainly increases the risk of cancer among people.

In fact, one of every 2 cases in the UK, the fatal disease is connected to obesity.

Breast and Bowel cancer are common in overweight people, especially women.

The reason regarding how obesity cause cancer is still unknown except for the fact that with weight gain, the functioning of our body cells also changes which may or may not lead to this fatal disease.

Weight gain could lead to risk of cancer
Weight gain could lead to high risk of cancer


Fat cells being highly active travel in one’s body through blood and reaches to different organs. They release hormones which could affect body parts in different ways.

Fats cells may attract chemical releasing immune cells causing long-lasting inflammation. This could increase the risk for different types of cancer.

Obese children are more likely to have increased risk of the disease, while reaching young age than the rest. It is very important for them and their parents to develop a habit of healthy living for them.

Many studies suggests that even after losing weight after growing up, these kids are more prone to develop cancer at young age.

Sex hormones could also be affected due to weight issues, which may lead to increased cancer risk in sexual parts of the body. It affects the insulin levels and eventually creating problems in growth and conceiving.

The ultimate prevention to avoid risk of the disease is to lose weight. Regular exercise, healthy eating and being active surely help in reducing weight and avoid cancer. Although, the results couldn’t be certain but one needs to do all the possible efforts to control the weight.

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