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Pleasure of street shopping

Street Market shopping

It won’t be wrong if I call Delhi one of the most exclusive places for the most explicit sort of street shopping. Buying street stuff and having some not so hygienic chaat every time you are on roads with your lovelies is anyhow some local delhihites’ most favorite time pass.

In fact, the most common trait about being a real Indian is that instead of luminous malls and shopping complexes we get more excited for shopping from street markets.

Trust me it doesn’t matter even if you are standing in as lavishing market as Kamla Nagar, Lajpat Nagar or Rajouri, what matters is that what delights you more, shopping from some flickering and expensive shopping complex or from the hafta bazaars that makes the most amazing feature for Delhi’s enthusiastic shoppers.

Once in a week, a day comes when all the passionatebargain hunters are on the roads of their local market which are already taken over by some street vendors who are there to sell their material at cheap prices and that’s certainly the best thing about these bazaars, they are genuine, stuff is excellent and cheap and that’s why people like them.

Pleasure of street shopping
Let’s go on a flea market spree

You can certainly find every possible thing you require for your livelihood in these street bazaars from daily ration, clothes, veggies, jewellery, shoes, spices, utensils, crockery, toys to regular plastic stuff and much more.

The entire aura of these bazaars is no less than a festival. There is a hustle & bustle of shoppers all over the place who are in their dreamland while street shopping. People are energized, happy, and content and what else do a person need from his life.

In Delhi, almost every residential colony has that one day which we call their weekly bazaar. Everywhere these weekly bazaars are held on different week days, somewhere it’s on Monday so we call it Som Bazaar, if it’s on Tuesday then its called Mangal Bazaar and so on.

No matter how rich or poor you are, to which profession you belong because here everybody is on the same echelon, they are buying and using the same bits and pieces.

If I had to name some of the most amazing and unique hafta bazaars that every delhihite must visite then they would be the Ravi Bazaar that takes place every Sunday at the laid out of Jama Masjid, also known as the famous Chor Bazaar, Som Bazaar of Karol Bagh and Vikas Puri, Mangal Bazaar of Noida sector 2 and Tilak Nagar, Budh Bazaar of VasantVihar and Shalimar Bagh, Guru Bazaar of Masjid Moth popularly known as Bir Bazaar, MayurVihar and Rajendra Nagar, Shukra Bazaar of Vikram Enclave and Sanjay Nagar and Shani Bazaar of Lajpat Nagar and Vijay Nagar. So all the devoted shoppers just pull up your shocks and start exploring your city if you haven’t started yet.

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