Weekly Horoscope: 11th April – 17th April

 Weekly Horoscope: 11th April – 17th April:  Things you should do this week

Your Weekly Horoscope is here. This week is Navaratri Week & maa Durga is coming to shower her blessings on you. Take a look at the things you should be doing this week. 

Aries: This week looks like one of the good times in the past few weeks and this will be significantly felt by you. Cupid may strike in this period. You might be playing smart at the workplace. Even though you will face an obstacle, but success after hard work is assured. Relief from children’s matter, which you had been involved in for quite some time, can be experienced.

Taurus: This week brings a slight change in your approach. Rather than being sheer more anxious, your action will speak more. You may have clashed with your father or fatherly figure. You will get sources of income through tough situations or your income won’t justify your efforts. But the accumulation of wealth is also assured. Your opponents will be activated but they won’t be able to harm you.

Gemini: The week will begin with anxiety and eagerness for a certain goal to achieve, especially regarding profession or children. As the week advances, you may start getting some positive hope regarding the same. Prospects of getting a promotion, increment, or meeting influential people look more in this week. Time to preserve and relish.

Cancer: Your pessimism, as well as fear among all good circumstances, will be present. Your written mode of communication will be appreciated. Print media people will be benefitted. For those who had been trying to pursue their higher education abroad, you can expect a ray of hope this week. The married couple will find it difficult to gel with their spouse.

Leo: Prospect of getting good news related to profession or business is more in this period. Your words will be more logical among your people. Don’t forget to draw a line between being logical and being arrogant. Otherwise, you will get the benefit of being wise and sensible in your approach. Financial growth or news related to the same in near future can be expected.

Virgo: Your inclination towards marriage or partner will be more. If you have been planning for getting an alliance, this looks like a good time. Be flexible in your approach to avoid any further botheration. You may have trust issues with your own people. A temperamental approach may further add problems to your health.

Libra: If you had been dating somebody for some time, then get ready to get a marriage proposal in this period. Business people may take a trip which will be beneficial for them. Planning to purchase landed property or an apartment will be on your agenda for this week. Transit of Jupiter will be beneficial for financial gains.

Scorpio: Health will be in better shape now. Relation with siblings won’t be very good. Your concern will be your own children. Take decisions with a calm mind and having patience in dealing with loved ones is being suggested. Your goal will take a long and slow pace to reach. Students need to practice more to get assured success in the near future.

Sagittarius: Your sign lord has moved towards Aquarius to soothe your way. Your path of goal will be easier and smoother than the last few weeks. Beware of double-faced people. Do not ignore, if you have any doubt about anybody’s strategy. At times, the feeling of helplessness will be experienced. Financial status looks moderate.

Capricorn: Punctuality and a disciplined schedule will be followed by you in this period. You may be taxed by your colleagues or boss till mid of the week. Day-ahead middle of the week eventually will go in your favor. Opponents will be badly thrashed directly or indirectly. The area of work looks more pleasant than last week. The only advice for you this week is to keep yourself a silent watcher, do not react instantly to any of the actions.

Aquarius: This period needs your attention towards health and hygiene. Income from a foreign land or any multinational company can be expected. There will be a blessing of the almighty to keep a proper balance between income and expenditure. You may have a conflict with your kids this week. Inner peace looks disturbed.

Pisces:  Family will be at the top of your priority list of the week. Sudden gain or loss can be expected in this period, this depends on your individual running period. Wealth will give you a reason to smile. A good time to accumulate wealth can be seen. Your love and affection towards your mother will be more or a long-awaited patch up with your mother can be possible.

One World News brings you a weekly horoscope by Kiran Pandey Rai. She is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to

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