Weekly Horoscope: 19th September-25th September by Kiran Rai Pandey

Weekly Horoscope : What this week holds for you

Weekly Horoscope: Kiran Pandey Rai is back with her predictions. Check out your weekly horoscope and plan your week accordingly. One World News brings to you, astrology predictions according to your sun sign for the week by the famous astrologer Kiran Rai Pandey.

Just like we are back Weekly Horoscope, take a look what this week holds for you and plan your week accordingly.

Aries: This week needs your attention towards health. Your health will be vulnerable to seasonal ailments. Work pressure will be exponentially increased. Your area of concern can be your kids or focus at studies for students. Marital discord can be expected in this period. Avoid any kind of investigation with partner, this may lead you to wrong place.

Taurus: Your wise and inquisitive attitude will give you a distinguished personality among others. Students those are aspiring for any competitive examination, may have good time. Your relation with elder siblings may bother you. Even your immediate boss can behave extremely rude. Keeping patience will work wonder.

Gemini: Your physical health condition will improve in this week. Your words will be very impressive to convince others easily. Those who are into Occult science or Research, will get opportunity to perform better. Opponents will be superseded by you. Creative team or artists will be recognised among your people. You may get some sudden news in this period.

Cancer: Your opinion about different aspect of life can be weirdly presented by you among your loved ones. Your being extremely daredevil in your approach may give the Journalists, Writers, Tourism department or sportspersons one of the most awaited success. Financial area will be one of the comfortable side of life.

Leo: This period might give you reason to think several areas of life. Your communication will be your treasure, savior or one of the most powerful enemy in this period, it depends on your individual running period. Be careful and thoughtful before uttering any word before anybody. Professional disturbances may bother you for the time being. Do not worry about this temporary changes.

Virgo: Authoritative attitude with the tint of commanding behavior with anybody would be your general attitude. One of the most effected person of your life will be your partner. Your knack to study ancient Science or anything related to ethics will be more in this period. Financial aspect looks moderate. Relation with younger siblings will be good. Travelling should be avoided for now.

Libra: Relief in expenses can be experienced in this week. Health may get disturbed temporarily. Those are into import-export business can get good deals in this period. Your goal may be little delayed to reach but not impossible. Partner will be supportive even though adverse condition. Expenses for genuine reasons can be expected.

Scorpio: Your period of detachment from worldly pleasure may be one of the reason of your being aggressive. Still, you will be blessed with luxuries but you won’t enjoy them thoroughly. At times, your words may hurt the loved ones in this week. Try to keep your emotion within yourself. Meditation is highly recommended for you.

Sagittarius: You may take some important decision in this period in family matters. Friends will come to meet and give reasons to smile on your face. Even though all positive surroundings, your inner peace may suffer due to imposing your opinion on others attitude. Good escalation at professional front also peeps your way.

Capricorn: You will be reason your own highly systematic schedule. Your strict regime will keep you busy as well as either too agile or too lazy. Your concern can be either your father’s health or your bad relation with him. Overthinking attitude will be one of the main reason of your disturbances. Inculcate meditation in your daily schedule.

Aquarius: This week brings your attention towards your health that it should not be taken for granted. Spending money for charity work or health can be expected in this period. One of the most vulnerable area of your week will be the words used by you with loved ones. Respecting women may get you better results out of any adverse situations.

Pisces: Your health will be in better shape. You may feel more logical about your opinion about several things on life. Your concern towards children can be the vital part of your schedule. Financial area of life will be lukewarm. Still your determination to fulfil your goal won’t deter. Health of your partner may disturb you.

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