Astrology: 20th October-26th October

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Astrology: 20th October-26th October

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: Disappointment from partner’s side. Their health can be a cause of concern during this period. You will be influenced by outsider’s opinion. Your fearless attitude may lead you to take rash decision. If you are involved in any legal matter, try to delay the hearing. Your health needs your attention. Obstacles are part of this period.


Taurus: Your opponents will try to pull you down. Your reluctant attitude may mislead you in your decision making. Students of this sign will perform well in this period. You can expect a long awaited offer. Your aggressive approach will be one of the reason of your own disturbance. This week will be spent for recreation with friends and family.


Gemini: Your creativity and skill in your field will be well appreciated among your loved ones. Your boss is definitely going to acknowledge your effort in public. Despite getting praises from people around, your family members will be the reason of melancholy. Prospects of meeting old love is strong in this week. Overall a pleasant week in waiting.


Cancer: This week bring a win-win situation at work as well as at personal front. Your academic performance will also give you satisfaction. Opinion differences may be experienced with younger sibling or friends. If you have been preparing for a competitive examination or competitive sports, this is the right time to try your luck out.


Leo: You seem to take front seat in family matters due to situation around. There may be
chances of you crossing the boundary of manners and courtesy while dealing with family affairs. Your courage to express your feeling in public would definitely be appreciated among people. Trust issue may be a cause of concern within family or outside.


Virgo: You will put your best foot forward in improving you family situation. Your efforts this week will be productive in all sense. Inflow of money from abroad can also be expected in this period. Your health should be your priority, especially in this period. Businessmen of this sign will get better assignments, probably new ones.


Libra: Friends will give you many sources of happiness. This happiness can be in the form of money or love. At work, you will experience a congenial relation with your boss. Money will be spent for good cause. But you will find your spouse bossy this week. Air travel should be avoided in this period. Overall a good period in waiting.


Scorpio: This week will bring mixed bag of bitter and sweet experiences. An unexpected event will be faced by you in this period. Situation may compel you to speak harsh words with loved ones. Quality of suddenness differs from person to person horoscope and their running period. Stay careful from hidden enemies.


Sagittarius: This period can be tagged as friends’ week for you. Recreation, excursion or picnic will be in your wish list. These wishes will be fulfilled by you. A good period for you to do favour for your mother. Even visiting an old age home will give you pleasure. Your work place won’t be very comfortable. You may feel yourself less on demand at work. This self-created thought will bother you more.


Capricorn: Partially you will come out of your isolation in this period. You can expect a
promotion or escalated at work, vertically or horizontally. Your relation with mother will
improve. Students of this sign will feel more passionate about their work which may reflect in their performance. Overall a good week is going to knock your door with more colorful days.


Aquarius: An old friend may meet you after a long time. You will find it difficult to trust anybody. Eventually, you will be isolated due to circumstances around. You can be misguided by one of your acquaintances. Otherwise, it’s good time for financial growth. Spouse will add reason for your smile. A better week can be expected.


Pisces: This week brings a better relation with partner. Wealth will be one of the reason for smile in this period. Inner peace will be missing. Favourable time for Researchers of this sign to complete their project. There is a chance of getting yourself involved in ancestral property matters. Your effort to convince others will bring positive results.

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