Weekly Horoscope – 30th August – 5th September

weekly horoscope september

Weekly Horoscope – 30th August – 5th September

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to 06kiranrai@gmail.com


Aries: A strong side of your persona will be reflected in public. Your internal peace will be at toss. Your mental strength is going to help you out to sail through this phase. Your aggressive attitude with your partner is definitely going to disturb you. Religious activity will be more in your day-to-day schedule. 


Taurus: You seem to be putting extra efforts with less results in this period. Health of partner can be bothering you at some extent. Nevertheless, partner is pillar of your strength.  Opinion differences can be experienced with siblings or friends. You may experience financial insecurity in this week. A lukewarm week is approaching your way. 


Gemini: Week may begin with same pace and tone. As it advances, your speech may get harsher with your loved ones. Lack of fear with helping attitude can be definitely noticed among your people. Financial aspect may be lukewarm in terms of accumulation. More of work with little outcome and recognition can demotivate you for the time being, indeed. 


Cancer: Expectation from an unexpected soul is going to disappoint you in this week. Such condition may aggravate your anger eventually. Your workplace looks better than family and friends in this period, indeed. Students of this sign can expect better results in this period. Your love life or children may give you ray of hope. 


Leo: Respect and recognition among friends and family will be there in your day-to-day life. You will get colleagues in the form of friends to support you at work place. Despite all adverse situations, you will feel luxury in daily routine. Situations will be conducive to perform or execute, most of your wishful thoughts. A good week is knocking your door.


Virgo: Family constraints look difficult to manage your confidence in many matters. Several ways to spend or invest money, it completely depends on your individual chart. Unwillingly, you can be harsh in your words out of emotions. Professional area will be somewhat good. Those who have been working with foreign company or import-export business, may expect a good period. 


Libra: Your work will be hook, line and sinker for you in this period. Gains in the terms of money, power, authority or name can be assured. Meeting bosom friends after long time, chatting and sharing emotion is going to give you immense pleasure. Lawyers, Educators, Hoteliers or bankers are going to have good time.  


Scorpio: Beware of opponents. It’s better to avoid solving any issue in this period. Your boss or superiors behave in unexpected ways. Marital happiness looks strenuous for the time being. Avoid serious discussions with spouse. Monetary help from spouse is definitely one of the advantage of this time but emotional supports should not be expected.  


Sagittarius: A spiritual insight in you and your behavior will be one of the agenda to be noticed by friends and family in this period. The ultimate of this behavior is isolation, seclusion or self-introspections. Financial gain looks minimized or less than expectations. Father’s support or fatherly figure may come forward to support you. Overall, a moderate week can be expected. 


Capricorn: This week brings a better state of mind altogether. An old acquaintance or old friend may contact you through social media in this period. You may get into new relationship. But malefic effects of planets may keep you in doubt about most of them. Financial aspect is good. A better prospect at work can also be predicted.  


Aquarius: You will find it difficult to fulfil the desire of your partner. Those, who have been searching alliance, may have prospects to find one. Hidden enemies can try to pull you down but you are definitely going to have win-win period. There won’t be a proper balance between expenses and income.


Pisces: Your attitude towards work is very weird or detached in this period. Your preference will be to help those who are in need. Your leading attitude may create tough time in family. You may have concern about children. Monetary income or prospects of getting sources of income can be assured in this period. Despite little difficult situation, you will come out with flying colours.

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