Weekly Horoscope: 6th September – 12th September

weekly horoscope september

Weekly Horoscope: 6th September – 12th September

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to 06kiranrai@gmail.com


Aries: Your wise decisions will be appreciated in person not in public domain but in person. This may hurt you. Happiness from children in any form can be assured in this period. Your opponents will be not able to reach around you. A mixed bag regarding happiness can be expected in this period.


Taurus: Time to strive for most of the situations can be seen in this week. Relation with younger siblings is not up to the expectation. At times, a bondage could be felt. You will be inclined towards charity or working for under privileged section. Partner may give strength to your relationship. Accountants, Bankers or Financers will have good time to get benefit in this period.


Gemini: Siblings will be connecting you after long span. This would be a pleasant moment for you. Your words can be harsh at times or you can be very straight in your communication. This can be hurting for others. Your concern towards children might be conventional, that further will create misunderstanding with the children. Avoid indulging in any such arguments.


Cancer: Your creativity will be at its one of the best phase. If you are planning for any professional trip, then this is definitely going to be a success. But in most of the event, your success will be delayed but not in denial. Planning to purchase building or land will be in your bucket list. Your extremely smart communication will add flavor in your persona.


Leo: Your spiritual knowledge or learning ancient studies will be appreciable. Your luxuries may be very limited. Still you might be having a pleasant feeling in this period. An opinion differences with friends and siblings can be possible. Students of this sign will perform well. A new relationship can be expected in this period.


Virgo: This week is bringing an extraordinary wisdom and you will be able to work swiftly. Sudden incident can be expected in this period. This may be extremely positive or not at the level of expectation. It’s up to your individual chart and running period. Your destiny will work as per your work or in short your result will justify your hard work. Enjoy your week.


Libra: Your inclination towards work will be more. Your involvement in every kind of work can be seen in this week. Disturbance from subordinates and support from high authority will be experienced.  Planning to buy land or renovating home may be in your agenda. Students of this sign will perform better in Engineering or any technical area.


Scorpio: Your friends or acquaintances will give you pleasure either monetarily or emotionally. You need to take care of health. Teachers, Consultants or Bankers of this sign may have achievement in their field. Marital happiness looks missing in these days. But, don’t forget that your partner is going to be proved lucky charm for you. Try to maintain a good relationship with all.


Sagittarius: This week brings happiness from children as well as smooth sailing life. You will relish your professional life too. Anger issue should be kept at bay to enhance your peace. Your strength from father may be lagging but his health won’t be good. Even you need more attention towards your own health. Overall, a good week is approaching you.


Capricorn: Your persona will carry a proper blend of disciplined as well as pleasant sides together. One of the good planet will bless your peace through friends. At the same time, marital happiness cannot be assured in this week. Donation, charity or religious inclination will be hovering in your plan and mind. A good week is approaching your way.


Aquarius: This period will create a situation when you may be going to fulfil the desire of your partner or spouse. Professional satisfaction will be very near to desired level. Your attitude towards your father won’t be good. Unsuccessful attempt of your opponents may disturb you a bit but finally you will be in win-win condition.


Pisces: This week will add leadership quality in your approach. You would like to take initiative in family matters. Pessimism will be at its peak irrespective of surroundings and situation. Your opinion about life will be the blend of religious as well as worldly pleasure. Financial area of life will give you immense satisfaction.

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