Weekly Horoscope: 25th October – 31st October

Weekly Horoscope: 25th October – 31st October


One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: This week will begin with a quarrelsome note with friends and relatives. Circumstances will compel you to rethink about your existence. Simultaneously, other side of life may give you the subtle way to respond any situation. You may experience disappointment from your children. But your work will be well appreciated at workplace.  


Taurus: You may have anxiety regarding relationship. Those who have been involved into legal cases, they may have to face some unpleasant conditions. Financial growth won’t go according to your plan or up to your expectations. Be careful at workplace. Do not open up before any random person. One of your small mistake may land you at wrong place. 


Gemini: This week brings mixed situations in its kitty for you. Short tempered attitude is not at all going to support you in any of your venture. But your withy behavior will pull you out from any mess. Professional front would not be peaceful in this period. Students of this sign will perform better. Overall, a good period can be expected. 


Cancer: This week looks a bit gloomy beginning, will progress in aggressive note. Avoiding picking argument for pity thing may brighten up the period. Your continuous efforts to achieve the goal will show you the right path. Father or fatherly figure will be one of your main concern in this period. Financially, this period is a good.  But you may miss to get free hand at workplace.


Leo: Your personality in the society will be considered as a somber figure. At the same time, you will have to strive for each and every goal of yours. Your approach may lead you to hell or heaven. Be careful while dealing your loved ones. You may plan to travel in this period. You may face few obstacles on your way to get your goal. It’s moderate period for finance. 


Virgo: Time to think about family, finance, food and communication. This week will fetch your attention towards roles and responsibilities of yours towards family. Avoid using harsh words or leaping into decision without rethinking the pros and cons. You can expect a strenuous relationship in this period. Do not expect much in financial aspect. 


Libra: Time to rejuvenate and rethink about your future planning. You must know to choose the best way to walk in adverse condition, which actually you will do in this period. Luxuries can be seen at your disposal. You may show your being not very interested in family matters. This attitude won’t go in your favour. Try to act in subtle way. 


Scorpio: This planetary position would compel you to stay secluded. You would enjoy your own company more in this period. There is a chance of spending money for health. Earning and spending money will be in same ratio. You cannot expect to save money in this period. You may have to wait for longer to get achievement. Be patient and enjoy your success.


Sagittarius: This period will make you realize self- pride more than what you deserve. Your family would give you reason to smile. But your mother will be reason of concern in this period. There are chances of meeting influential people. You may get news related to increment, promotion or any other kind of appraisal from your boss. Overall, a good period is approaching your week. 


Capricorn: This period brings you fortune and health. You may enjoy promotion, increment or any kind of monetary benefits in this period. You will be more expressive with more clear tone On the contrary, your relation with your boss will be dicey.  Despite all favourable condition around, you will be missing inner peace in this week. 


Aquarius: This week will bring more struggle to reach you to your destination than before. At time you will feel more anxious for some insignificant matters. Your effort to create a better atmosphere at home won’t be easy to be succeeded. Partner’s support as well as your will-power will keep you moving ahead. 


Pisces: This week has several things in its baggage. You may be in such state of mind where you will find yourself secluded. Your health needs your time and attention more in this period. Financial area of life is good. You may get benefit from in-laws. Your partner’s health can create disturbance in this period. Overall, a moderate week can be expected. 

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